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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sew and Tell: mending bag

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I was cleaning up my craft/office/homework/storage/everything room the other day and I kept moving around a pile of clothes that needed mending. Sadly, the clothes actually had dust on them they’ve been sitting around for so long.

Mending is just one of those things that seems endless – buttons, little frayed seams but most of all hemming. I’m short and even though I try to buy things to fit my height, not all items come in a “short” version. So there always seems to be a pile of something that needs mending.

I decided my mending pile needed a home. A have a surplus of cute tote bags but I knew if I just threw the clothes into a tote bag, they’d get lost in a sea of other important yet neglected tote bags [the tote bag to take to my son’s sporting events, the bag of magazines, the bag of crocheting that I started last year… and so on].

No, I needed something that would look nice but that reminded me that I had to mend these clothes. I embroidered “Mending” onto a piece of burlap and stitched on several buttons for decoration.

The bag is nice and bright and already had pretty lining. 

I’ll throw in some basic colored threads, extra scissors and a small sewing kit of needles. 

I realize that the irony is that I could have mended those clothes in the time it took me to make the tote bag but that’s the way it will always be – mending is last on the list.

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