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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Be My Guest: trish & bonnie of uncommon

Hi Friends,
Today's guests are the dynamic duo Bonnie and Trish of Uncommon. Bonnie and Trish are sister-in-laws and the creative force of Uncommon - Creating the Extraordinary. I met these ladies through link parties and loved all of their projects. We soon became bloggy friends. At Uncommon you'll find a variety of all things crafty - sewing, decorating, and entertaining.


Hi Homework readers! We are Trish and Bonnie, and we blog over at Uncommon, where we can help you create the extraordinary! We are thrilled to be here today! Carolyn was sweet enough to let us guest post while she is away on vacation! 
Today we are going to show you how to create these adorable...
Burlap Covered Letters

 Supplies for Burlap Covered Letter...

Paper Mache' Letter {this one is from Joann Fabric}
Burlap Fabric {enough to cover letter}
Wooden Rectangular Base {this one is from Joann Fabric}
Craft Acrylic Paint in Linen and Sponge Brush
Dark Colored Marker or Pencil
Hot Glue Gun and Glue sticks
Spray Adhesive
First, gather all your supplies. Next, place your paper mache' letter on the burlap and trace around the letter with the pen or pencil... 

Cut out the burlap letter {HINT:Cut to the inside of your tracing line to prevent the ink from showing!}. Paint the  wooden base and paper mache' letter on all sides with the linen colored  paint and allow to dry.

 Spray the paper mache' letter with spray adhesive and apply the burlap cut out letter...

Next, apply a light coat of the linen colored paint all over the burlap . You will need to push the sponge brush down into the texture of the burlap. We allowed the paint to dry and then touched up a few areas that we missed!

Of course, the burlap letter looks fabulous without the paint as well. Depending on where you will use the finished letter will determine if you might like to skip the painting step! The final step is to simply glue the burlap letter to the wooden base using your hot glue gun...

That's it! This is such a simple and quite inexpensive project that packs a punch! You can use these so many places to add texture and personalization. This one was used in a kitchen bookcase, we also have an easy tutorial for those DIY vintage crates !

There is just something about the combination of burlap and letters that makes a home feel cozy and welcoming!
We hope that you have enjoyed our tutorial on creating a Burlap Covered Letter...

Bonnie and Trish
A big "Thank you!" to Carolyn for having us stop by!
We would love for you to stop by and visit us at Uncommon! You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Be My Guest: lucy of craftberry bush

Hi Friends,
I'm still away but today's guest is the incredibly talented and artistic Lucy of Craftberry Bush. Lucy's projects really speak to me. Most of the time, they say "take me home to your house!" I truly love all of her projects. Her artistic and creative talents are reflected not only in her crafts but in the styling and photography on her blog. 

Here's how Lucy describes her blog. 

I planted this little Craftberry Bush in the hope its fruit would inspire you to create. I am grateful to have you here, where creativity is always in bloom.

Enjoy the beautiful project that Lucy is sharing with us today. I'll see you all soon.

Hello everyone ! I hope you are having a great week . 
My name is Lucy and I have a little blog called Craftberry Bush.
I am honoured to be here over at Carolyn's while she enjoys a little break ! 

Summer time is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and at our home we embrace the cooling and calming colours of the sea...

And in the spirit of summer, hot days and beachy fun,
 I wanted to show you a super easy craft ...

I look forward to weekends at the cottage and this year I'm especially looking forward to visiting the quaint antique shops, where you find very unique items...

It was at one of these shops that I saw this lantern last year and subsequently showed you how to make your own here 

But this year, I wanted to change it up...
And this is how I did it....

White spray paint or paint
Coloured paint
Hot glue gun

1. Paint or spray paint a piece of burlap (I used a burlap sheet from Canvas Corp) and allow to dry
2. Measure around jar or vase and cut to size (leave approx 1" extra at the top)
3. Stencil or paint design onto burlap and allow to dry
4. Wrap burlap around vase and secure with hot glue 
5. Wrap a piece of thick rope around bottom of vase 
6. Using this tutorial, tie a fishnet around vase
7. Instead of tying the top, I tucked the burlap and the net into the vase and secured it with glue
8. To make the handle: Use a piece of jute to tie some of the thick rope onto the net, secure with glue for extra stability and repeat on the other side

I'm sorry I didn't complete a picture tutorial, but I'm hopeful looking at the final product and following the instructions will enable you to add this sweet little beachy lantern to your decor.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let me know and I'll do my best to help you out...:)

You can see a similar picture on this place mat I painted of the same little crab.  I wouldn't recommend using spray paint on this one as it not food safe. also makes me want to eat lobster...yumm 

Thank you Carolyn for having me and thank you for reading along ! 

Have a beautiful day! 

much love,


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Friday, July 6, 2012

Be My Guest: johnnie of saved by love creations

Hi friends,
I'll have the features from this week's Inspiration Board up soon but in the meantime, today's guest is the oh-so creative Johnnie from Saved by Love Creations. Johnnie has created some of the most amazing projects from upcycled objects. Chances are you've seen her beautiful magazine page coiled bowl since it was featured all over blogland. Her blog is filled with wonderful crafts, round ups and fantastic projects. I know you'll enjoy the project she is sharing with us today.


Upcycled Jean Label Bracelet
Hello, Homework readers! My name is Johnnie and I blog at Saved By Love Creations, Printable Decor, and Decor 2 Ad0re{able}. I was honored when Carolyn invited me to share here. This is one of the most beautiful blogs out there and has been an inspiration to me since my first visit.
If you are familiar with Saved By Love Creations, you probably know I am an upcycled project kinda girl, with a slight Sizzix obsession. Today, I am going to walk you through how to make a lovely bracelet from label on your old jeans. In this example, I embellished the final piece with a paper flower, but you can stick whatever you want on there to reflect your style. This project is simple, inexpensive, eco-friendly and quick. Although I do use my Sizzix to emboss the leather, you can absolutely do this project without it.

Label from jeans
Hole punch and eyelet setter (I use Crop-a-dile in this tutorial)
Metal chain long enough for the bracelet to fit wrist
Jewelry Pliers to open and close jumprings
Jewelry clasp for closure
Sizzix and embossing folder of you choice (optional)
Crafter's Pick Glue
Paper Rose
Krylon Clear Coat (to seal paper rose)
Upcycled bracelet tutorial
Make a bracelet from Jean Labels
Once the glue is dry, you are ready to wear your new upcycled jeans label bracelet!
Jean Label Bracelet
upcycled jewelry tutorial
Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed. You can find me at all my places:


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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Be My Guest: carol of the answer is chocolate

Hi friends,
Today's guest is Carol from The Answer is Chocolate. I was immediately drawn to Carol's blog because, well, I firmly believe that the answer is chocolate! Over at The Answer is Chocolate, you'll find beautiful paper projects, jewelry, scrapbooking and lots more.

So grab some chocolate and enjoy the beautiful project that Carol is sharing with us today.


Ribbon and Podgeable Bookmarks

Hello dear homework readers. I’m Carol from The Answer Is Chocolate and am so honored to be here sharing a project at Carolyn’s beautiful blog.

We are avid readers in our house and even though we’ve kept pace with technology and read a lot online and via an eReader, for me, there’s still nothing like an actual book. But what’s a book without a bookmark? 

I recently had the opportunity to play with some new products from Plaid. I love Mod Podge and they have a new line of acrylic shapes called Podgeables. I had a couple left over from another project I was working on and they were perfect for my bookmarks.

For this project you will need:
  • Ribbon. I used velvet but anything with some body to it.
  • Ribbon Clamps. Find these in the jewelry supply section of your favorite craft or bead store. Mine are from Michaels.
  • Jump Rings
  • Pliers
  • Charms, beads, anything small w/ a hole that will fit on a bookmark!
Measure your ribbon to the length you want. For standard hardback books, this is about 10 inches. Put your ribbon clamps on each end of your ribbon. I’m not coordinated enough to take pictures while doing this but it’s pretty easy. Slide clamp on, pinch it hard with a needlenose pliers.

Ribbon Clamps

Ribbon Bookmarks

Once you have your clamps on, you can add your embellishments. The Podgeables are acrylic shapes that you can decorate. I used Mod Podge  Antique Matte  to adhere paper to the backs of mine. Then added beads and charms from my stash.
Gear Ribbon Bookmark

The little copper charms are ones I made using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic in gold and a bezel I had in my jewelry stash:

Dimensional Magic Charms

I hope you enjoyed this project . I first made ribbon bookmarks last year and you can see more instructions here.  I would love to have you come visit over at my place. I blog about all kinds of creative things and in case you haven’t guessed from my blog name. my creative passion is fueled by my passion for all things chocolate!

Thanks again for having me Carolyn!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Be My Guest: alexis of jacolyn murphy

Today's guest is the wonderful Alexis of Jacolyn Murphy. Alexis has a custom party and paper business and her blog tells the stories of the things she creates.
In her own words…

I try to make everything a little more special and festive.
Recently a friend said to me,
"the party favors you did just made everyone feel HAPPY".
It made my day.
My custom party and paper business is a dream because I constantly ask myself,
"How can I make this really special"?
"What is going to make people stop and say...Wow?"
Life moves too fast.
My kids are growing up and I want them to try to enjoy all
the big events and the little things that happen every day.
The name Jac o' lyn Murphy comes from combining my children's names,
(Jack + Carolyn = Jac o' lyn)
because they are the inspiration for almost everything I do.


Alexis is sharing her special Fourth of July breakfast with us today. I know you will all enjoy this fun and patriotic party idea. For even more party ideas visit Alexis over at Jacolyn Murphy.

On July 4th we will wake up to
Spacious Skies and

from C (coffee) to shining C (cake)
A soothing breakfast buffet before a crazy, hectic day
Beautiful America...

Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for visiting!
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