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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Etceteras: spring door d├ęcor

I bought these cute tin planters at the dollar store recently. They had bright flowers and butterflies painted on them. My plan was to simply remove the paint and work with the plain tin planters.

I first tried to remove the paint with paint remover but it didn’t budge. I realized that it probably wasn’t paint but some type of decal. Next I tried a steel wool pad. Nothing. I moved to Plan C – sandpaper. The sandpaper worked but it also scratched up the metal and I realized that the butterfly and flowers were embossed on so I gave up.

I refused to waste the dollar that I spend on this planter so I moved to Plan D. Cover up the offending butterfly and flowers. Trust me – they needed to be covered up.

With my glue gun, fabric and a few stems of pussy willows the planter was ready to use. Rather than use it as a planter, I added some wire to create a door hanger.
Now my door has a springtime feel to it.