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Monday, January 3, 2011

Inkling: Paper Flower Jar Lids

I’m trying to get my craft area a little more organized which requires more jars and containers.

Both of these jars are actually plastic. The tall jar is a vitamin bottle and the short jar is a makeup container. I cleaned out both containers and scrubbed off the labels. For leftover sticky residue from labels, I like to use Goo Gone.

The makeup container already had a black top but the vitamin bottle had a plain white childproof top so I covered it in grey wool.

Now for the fun part.
  • To make these paper flowers, cut out petals in any shape you choose.
  • Make the petals slight smaller as you near the center of the flower.
  • For these flowers, I crinkled the paper slightly.
  • Tape your petals together. I used double-sided tape in the middle of the flower.
  • You can curl the edges of the petal around a pencil or something smaller. I used a small art paint brush handle. 

Glue your flower onto the jar lid and enjoy.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Upcycling: decoupage vases

I saw some decoupage vases online the other day and wanted to give decoupaging a try. My first attempt looked similar to a grade school craft. You know, when you cover a jar with torn pieces of tissue paper with a lot of glue. I decided to go with the “less is more” rule and started over with a new design.

For the first vase, I cut thin strips of rice paper and decoupaged them in a vertical stripe pattern.

The small vase is a shout out to the bunting / garland craze and the third vase also uses thin strips of paper but in a sun burst pattern.

You can use your vases for decorative objects or storage containers.

A little tissue paper, glue and a jar and you can take a grade school craft to a new level.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Upcycling: paper covered glass jars

Every time I open one of my craft drawers, this little box of washers (that I used to make these paper clips) spills.

I was thinking about being lazy and throwing them in a baggie but I seized the opportunity to find a cute container project. I found the perfect tutorial on Design Sponge. You can check out the complete Design Sponge tutorial here.

For my jars, I didn’t have Modge Podge so I used spray mount to adhere my paper to the lids.
The paper for the orange jar is origami paper. The blue paper is from lovely design. You can find Sharilyn of lovely design's paper template here.

What a relief. I was tired of picking up all those little washers.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Upcycling: full of beans

I’ve seen this project done many ways, using a variety of materials. Here’s my take on using beans as a candleholder.

I used old jars and filled them with white beans and black-eyed peas. Rather than votive candles, I used tapers. When lit, the wax will drip into the beans so clean up should be a breeze.

I added a few more jars and some cuttings from my yard to soften things up and add a hint of color.

You can use any type of beans; white, kidney, pinto, even coffee beans. This entire project cost less than $5.00. I had the jars and candles on hand. I purchased the tall vase at a thrift store for $1.50 and the two bags of beans were under $3.00.

I like how it turned out and it makes me feel oh-so eco-chic!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Taste: dad’s pickles

We’re halfway through barbeque season, so I decided it was time to make pickles. This recipe is actually my grandfather’s. When my mom gave me the recipe card it said “Dad’s Pickles” so that is what they will always be called.

If you’ve ever had a homemade pickle, you know what I’m talking about - fresh with a slight crunch – so different than a store bought pickle. The ingredients are simple; water, vinegar, salt, sugar, pickling cucumbers, garlic and fresh dill. Oh, and jars.

They’re easy to make and your popularity soars when you share them with friends.

If you’d like to try making “Dad’s Pickles” you’ll find the recipe under the Goodie Bag tab. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dirt: Summer Succulents

I’ve wanted to make a centerpiece with succulents for awhile and was inspired by the three ceramic jars I found at the 99₵ store recently. Bright yellow jars perfect for summer.

I finally got to the nursery today and ooh - the selection. I had a hard time deciding but finally settled on three hardy-looking guys. I would tell you their proper names but they didn’t come with those little plastic plant sticks and I forgot to ask.

The succulents were easy to transplant into the jars and they seem perfectly happy in the dining room or on the patio.

I think my nameless succulents and bright yellow pots will keep me in a summer mood for a long time.