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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Etceteras: moss and pussy willow nest

DIY craft for fall - How to make a moss nest
Fall is in the air but I think a bird nest is a nice decorative touch no matter what the season. I typically display a bird’s nest in the spring when they’re naturally in season and home to a mama bird and her eggs.

Monday, October 27, 2014

SEW & TELL: Yarn Scrap & Paper Mache Paste Nest

Yarn Scrap Paper Mache Nest via homework - carolynshomework (15)A few years back I made a yarn bowl and it is still one of my most popular posts. You can check it out here. It’s been a while since I’ve made a batch of paper mache paste and I’ve been wanting to make some nests so I revisited that yarn bowl project and adapted it to make some fun crafty nests.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Etceteras: twine and rag nests

Spring is here and that means it is nest building time. Birds are starting to gather twigs and other natural elements to make their little architectural wonders.

I love the idea of birds using bits of fiber to fill in the gaps of their nests and have seen them flying away with a strip of fabric, string or pillow stuffing.

I made this twine nests using the paper mache glue that I posted about here. I wrapped the twine around the bottom of a bowl after dipping it into the paste.

Once the nest was dry, I filled in the bare spots with torn pieces of fabric, yarn and moss.
I hope to see some real birds’ nests around the garden soon and hear the chirps of some baby birds.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Etceteras: braid and bun yarn wreath

Have you seen all the pretty yarn wreaths popping up all over the blog world lately? The yarn is neatly wound around a wreath form and other embellishments are added.
I wanted to make a yarn wreath but I didn’t have a wreath form. So I improvised and braided my yarn to form the wreath.

Here’s how I made this wreath:
  • Make a wreath form out of wire or cardboard.
  • Cut long strands of yarn. My strands were about 4 feet long and I used about 20 strands in each part of the braid (total 60 strands).
  • Tie off the top of your strands and braid.
  • Once the braid is long enough tie off the bottom of the braid – leave the extra yarn hanging from the braid.
  • Form a circle and tie the back side of the braid to your wreath form.
  • Leave the left over yarn tail hanging or form a “bun” to make a nest. Secure with dabs of glue.
  • Wrap yarn around small decorative eggs and glue into the nest.

If you have small amounts of leftover yarn, make a multi-colored wreath. A braid and bun wreath is a great way to use up yarn… or practice hairstyling. 

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Etceteras: bread basket bird nest

I sense that the craft world is ready to move on from winter. I’m seeing a lot of colorful projects that include pastels, flowers and delicate fabrics. I’m ready too, but before I spring into spring, I wanted to create one more winter centerpiece for my table.

This snow bird centerpiece is made out of a silver bread basket. Because I may want to use my bread basket again someday, I lined the bottom with paper and then glued down oasis and a mound of moss. I painted twigs, a branch and a green ceramic bird with white spray paint.

This little snow bird will stay warm and cozy on my dining room table until spring. As the season starts to change, I may add eggs and small flowers and use this as a spring center piece.

If I can wait that long... I may have to give this little snow bird an early spring.