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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

homework: photography

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I posted about these embellished candles a few weeks ago and received some nice emails about the photography. This made me positively giddy because I struggle with photography on every post.

{The picture above of the Advent Apple was taken a few months back}

I had planned on devoting a post to what I’ve learned about photography in my short time blogging and had taken pictures of my setup the day I shot the candles.

I should start out by stating that I’m no way an expert. In fact, I’m truly a novice and learning everyday. Whenever I see a blog post about photography, I try to read it. Learning from other bloggers has been extremely valuable. However, not everything has worked for me. Some of the tips I’ve read may have been written for a better camera, or different lighting – it’s a mystery to me. So, because of that, my number rule is:

#1 – Take lots of pictures. Use different lighting, different backgrounds and surfaces. There’s nothing worse than finishing your shoot and uploading your photos to find they’re not right.

I use a simple Nikon Coolpix L100. Basically a point and shoot camera with a zoom lens. I almost always shoot on the close up setting not automatic. For me and for this camera I’ve found the photos are more in focus when I use this setting.

The photo above was taken outside in daylight. The crystal bowl is set on a white platter that reflects the light from the bowl and the natural elements.

I usually try to shoot a few projects at one time. As long as you are setting up a backdrop and have a nice bright day, you might as well shoot as many things as possible. I gather up props and create a giant mess on my dining room table. On this day, I had more props than normal because I was shooting three different candles and the little yarn sheep.

Have spare batteries on hand. Mine died halfway through this shoot and the backup rechargeable batteries weren’t charged. Luckily, I had plenty of regular AA batteries.

Here’s one area that I like to take pictures. It’ a bay window so I get a lot of light. I sometimes use a foam core board for a white background. This one is my son’s science fair board.

Another trick I learned along the way was to use tin foil to bounce light off of. You can cover cardboard with tinfoil or like me, use a cookie sheet with a piece of tinfoil wrapped around it. Depending on your lighting, you can use one on each side. You need to play around and see if you need more light, less light etc.

Here’s the shot from the photo shoot above. I was shooting very close up and the sheep and rabbit are on a white plate. The tin foil reflected light on the sheep and the white plate is slightly blurred. I was happy with how this shot came out. It’s a product shot for my Etsy Shop so I wanted to keep it simple.

Blog Blue Candles
Silver objects are hard to photograph. Take a lot of pictures from different angles because silver is like a mirror and depending on where you stand, you’ll end up reflected in the silver. I have some nice outtakes with my face and camera smack dab in the middle of the silver cup.

Copy of Blog Blue Candles-1
These pictures used the same setup as the sheep with the tin foil reflector. I like how the light is intense against the epsom salts in the votive. This is just a personal preference. I submit a lot of projects to sites such as CraftGawker and very rarely do they accept my photos. I would say, 9 out of 10 times my projects are rejected because of photo issues. A common rejection comment that I get is “lighting issues”. Oh well…

Blog Blue Candles_collage
It would be nice to have a fancy DSLR camera one day but in the meantime, I muddle through with my point and shoot. 

Thanks so much for visiting.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Etceteras: Thanksgiving – the day after

I’ll be back on Monday with a brand new post as we race into the holiday season. In the meantime, here are some more photos of things that make me thankful.

paper whites

geranium cutting

perfection - first camelia of the season
There will be a lot of great holiday themed projects coming up between now and the new year - stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Etceteras: halloween bunting

I took this picture of a crow in my backyard. I really don’t like crows but I hear that they’re very smart. Which is probably why they deliberately mess on my car and smirk at my dog when she barks at them.

But this guy was just sitting there on the telephone wire so I snapped the photo. Now that it’s Halloween, my crow photo can come in handy. With some simple photo editing, I cropped in on Mr. Crow and played around with the color.

And here’s what I ended up with - Mr. Crow has become The Raven.
With a little help from Edgar Allen Poe and my raven, I created Halloween bunting.

Take that Mr. Crow!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Inspiration Board: after the rain

It drizzled here the other day. And then it rained for two days. Between the drizzle and the rain I took a few pictures. I’m not a photographer but I love taking pictures.

With a digital camera, your computer and the amazing free photo editing programs now available, anyone can turn pictures into works of art. For these photos, I used FotoFlex. A free online photo editing tool.

The possibilities are endless.
You can play with color.

You can take an ordinary picture...

and antique it or...

turn it into pop art…

The drizzly rain was refreshing but hopefully the sun will be shining again soon.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Inspiration Board: around the world

I have to admit, I’m not very adventurous. But I’m in awe of people who are. You know, people who climb mountains, bungee jump and travel the world. That pretty much describes my friend, Izzy. A few years ago, he left for a year-long around-the-world adventure that took him to 24 countries with hundreds of stops.

He blogged about his travels taking his followers around the world with him.

Here are just a few of his insights from around the world.

Most inspirational sight: Grand Canyon, Iguazu Falls, Petra, Angkor Wat, Chilean Patagonias.
Most inspirational person: A family of Cambodians that he met on a bus who invited him to their family reunion reuniting four generations.
Most inspirational meal: Bife de lomo steak in Buenos Aires
Most inspirational moment: Climbing Villarrica volcano

His photography was filled with color, texture and emotion.

 I’m not sure I’ll ever travel around the world but it sure was fun tagging along.