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Monday, August 11, 2014

INKLING: United States Pin Map

US Map Oh the Places We'll Go - homework (2)As part of the Lifestyle Crafts Studio Team, I also get to use the We R Memory Keepers line of products. So for this month’s project, I went back to basics and created a fun paper project. To make this U.S.A. Pin Map, I really went old school and only used a pair of trimming scissors, craft knife and cutting board. No fancy tools necessary for this project.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sew and Tell: mini pin board

I saw these cool grey pin boards at CB2. Very sleek but I knew I could make one for a fraction of the cost.

I had some grey wool left over from my pincushions so I decided to make a miniature version for post-it reminders or business cards.

To make this pin board, all you need is a frame, some cork, fabric and glue.

Glue the cork to the inside of the frame and then stretch the fabric over the frame. Staple the fabric to the backside of the frame. Work your way around – one staple at the top, bottom, left, right. Keep going around so that the fabric is smooth. Do the corners last.

You could make several of these in different shapes and sizes and arrange them as a collage on a wall. The more the merrier!