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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Be My Guest: trish & bonnie of uncommon

Hi Friends,
Today's guests are the dynamic duo Bonnie and Trish of Uncommon. Bonnie and Trish are sister-in-laws and the creative force of Uncommon - Creating the Extraordinary. I met these ladies through link parties and loved all of their projects. We soon became bloggy friends. At Uncommon you'll find a variety of all things crafty - sewing, decorating, and entertaining.


Hi Homework readers! We are Trish and Bonnie, and we blog over at Uncommon, where we can help you create the extraordinary! We are thrilled to be here today! Carolyn was sweet enough to let us guest post while she is away on vacation! 
Today we are going to show you how to create these adorable...
Burlap Covered Letters

 Supplies for Burlap Covered Letter...

Paper Mache' Letter {this one is from Joann Fabric}
Burlap Fabric {enough to cover letter}
Wooden Rectangular Base {this one is from Joann Fabric}
Craft Acrylic Paint in Linen and Sponge Brush
Dark Colored Marker or Pencil
Hot Glue Gun and Glue sticks
Spray Adhesive
First, gather all your supplies. Next, place your paper mache' letter on the burlap and trace around the letter with the pen or pencil... 

Cut out the burlap letter {HINT:Cut to the inside of your tracing line to prevent the ink from showing!}. Paint the  wooden base and paper mache' letter on all sides with the linen colored  paint and allow to dry.

 Spray the paper mache' letter with spray adhesive and apply the burlap cut out letter...

Next, apply a light coat of the linen colored paint all over the burlap . You will need to push the sponge brush down into the texture of the burlap. We allowed the paint to dry and then touched up a few areas that we missed!

Of course, the burlap letter looks fabulous without the paint as well. Depending on where you will use the finished letter will determine if you might like to skip the painting step! The final step is to simply glue the burlap letter to the wooden base using your hot glue gun...

That's it! This is such a simple and quite inexpensive project that packs a punch! You can use these so many places to add texture and personalization. This one was used in a kitchen bookcase, we also have an easy tutorial for those DIY vintage crates !

There is just something about the combination of burlap and letters that makes a home feel cozy and welcoming!
We hope that you have enjoyed our tutorial on creating a Burlap Covered Letter...

Bonnie and Trish
A big "Thank you!" to Carolyn for having us stop by!
We would love for you to stop by and visit us at Uncommon! You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!
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