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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Upcycling: white faux rust tin cans

A few months ago I posted a project with faux patina on tin cans. I used a texture image from this site and chose rusty blue images.
I love the cans but lately I’ve been gravitating toward muted shades and especially white.

Here are my new faux rust white tin cans.

I found the white paint with rust image here. And the white peeling paint image here.

I used the same technique as the original cans I made.
  • Wash your cans and remove any label residue with Goo Gone or other similar product.
  • Download the image and print out on printer paper. The paper needs to be thin enough to adhere to the ridges in the can and I found regular multi-purpose printer paper words great.
  • Cut your paper to fit around the can.
  • Mod Podge your paper to the can.
  • Tip: Mod Podge small sections at a time and press the paper down into the ridges. Don’t press too hard or your paper will rip.
I opted to not put a coat of Mod Podge over the paper because even the matte finish Mod Podge gives it a slight sheen.

Let dry and enjoy your instant rusty cans.

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