Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inkling: it’s a wrap – white paper flower

I love pretty packages and this idea not only uses materials I had on hand, but gives this package a clean and simple look. This pretty white gift box doesn’t need wrapping paper. Just a flower and some homemade ribbon and it’s all ready to gift.

To make a paper flower, you can use white paper, wax paper or parchment paper. I used parchment paper. If you’re not familiar with parchment paper, it’s typically used for baking – to line cookie sheets or cake pans. I’m sure there are other uses for parchment paper, but that’s what I’ve used it for.

Cut petals from your parchment paper and glue onto a small circular paper base. Start with the outer petals and work your way in making your petals smaller toward the middle.

The ribbon is made from fabric that I had on hand. Cut narrow strips of fabric and fringe the edges. Cut out leaves from the same fabric. Glue or tape your ribbon, leaves and flower to the box.
I like the clean white and green color palette but the sky is the limit when it comes to making a package pretty.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Dirt: seed strip garland gift

Here’s an idea for your next party favor or house warming gift.

Make a seed strip garland and wrap it around a bottle or vase.  Add directions and you have a nice, useful gift.

Here’s how you can make this project:

Seed Strip Garland:
  • Cut out pieces of newspaper or other recyclable paper into leaf shapes. I used  telephone book white pages.
  • Make a paste out of flour and water - approximately one tablespoon of flour and two tablespoons of water.
  • Using the paste and a small paint brush, glue a seed to each paper leaf. Let dry thoroughly.
  • Glue the leaves to a piece of string to make a garland.


  • Recycle an old bottle and wrap the seed strip garland around the vase.
  • Add planting and care instructions.
The seed strips are meant to be planted with the paper and string. The seeds are then evenly spaced in your garden and paper and string will eventually compost.

This is a nice low-cost gift that can be used for a variety of gift-giving occasions.

If you want to raise the wow-factor, put your vase and garland in a basket and add gardening tools, gloves or other fun items.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bloggers Day of Silence

Many bloggers are observing a day of silence (no posts) today in honor of the tragedy in Japan. I was torn with what to do and decided to post lightly today and provide links to a few blogs that have more information on how we can help.

Tea Rose Home – What I am Feeling Now
Oh So Beautiful Paper - has compiled a list of
shops, studios and designers raising funds.
The list also includes animal rescue efforts.

The photos below are of flowers from my garden. The tea cup in the some of the photos is an antique from Japan.

Beauty. Inspiration. Hope.