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Monday, October 25, 2010

Inkling: mini photo album

Creating a photo album has been on my list for awhile now but I just hadn’t gotten around to making one. Then I saw the most beautiful baby book featured on The Stationery Place. It was made for Lyndsey’s adorable new baby and it certainly raises the bar in the baby book category.

The Stationery Place
Since this is a new type of project for me, I started small – very small - and created a mini photo album.

I decided for my first album I wouldn’t attempt folded or accordion pages but use a simple approach.

Here’s how I made my mini album:

  • Paper – I used scraps and cut them to size
  • Cardboard for the front and back cover
  • Fabric
  • String or ribbon
  • Hole Punch
  • Glue

Cut your inside pages to your desired size.
Hole punch your pages – I used a micro hole puncher. Cut out your front and back cover and hole punch the cardboard. Cover your front and back cover with fabric of your choice. I used Tacky Glue.
At this point, I marked the position of the holes on the fabric so I would be able to thread the string through.
Add an inside cover piece of paper to cover your raw fabric edges.
Place the front and back covers under heavy books so they will dry completely flat. (I covered them in wax paper so the glue would seep out and get onto the books).

Assemble your book and tie together with string or ribbon.

This project was easier than I expected so with my new confidence, I may try an accordion style book next. Stay tuned.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Guest Blogger: the stationery place

Today I’m a guest blogger at The Stationery Place. If you haven’t checked out The Stationery Place, you need to head over there. Lyndsey posts about beautiful stationery and all kinds of paper goodies.

It’s Halloween Week at The Stationery Place. Check out my post on a non-sugar Halloween Treat - Mini Composition Books with a Halloween Twist.

Thank you Lyndsey for having me at The Stationery Place.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inkling: corrugated composition books

I love the idea of covering a plain black speckled composition book and giving it a new look. I’ve also been thinking about doing something with corrugated paper. My plan was to use kraft corrugated paper. You know, the kind used for packaging breakables. There are a couple reasons I didn’t get the kraft corrugated paper. One – it came on a huge roll and there are only so many corrugated kraft projects I can come up with. Two – did I mention the roll was huge – I really don’t think I could have lifted it into the car.

Not to be stopped, I found colored corrugated sheets.

For this project I used Tacky Glue and cut pieces of the corrugated paper larger than the composition book. Once the glue dried, I trimmed the edges with an exacto knife. Open the book up, cover side down – the edge of the original cover works like a ruler. Just make sure your exacto knife has a brand new blade. This method worked better than trying to precut the pieces to fit the book. I also decided to leave the original binding showing.

The corrugated sheets came in a variety of colors. I’m thinking about getting some really bright colors to cover more things.

Hmmm – maybe I should have bought that huge roll after all.