Tuesday, April 9, 2019

CELEBRATIONS: Crepe Paper & Feather Easter Eggs

I thought I'd reshare this pretty Easter Egg project from a few years ago. It's still one of my favorite egg projects. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see more egg crafts from year's past.

Crepe Paper & Feather Easter Eggs - homework (8)These crepe paper eggs are super easy to make and the best part is, you can keep them up after Easter as part of your spring décor.

Crepe Paper & Feather Easter Eggs - homework (1)You can use cheap plastic eggs or these foam eggs that I happened to have on hand. Use Mod Podge or some sort of decoupage adhesive and layer strips of crepe paper on your eggs.

Crepe Paper & Feather Easter Eggs - homework (2)Once the crepe paper is almost dry, press down any little bits or edges of the crepe paper that are not flat. This will give your egg a nice egg shape.

Crepe Paper & Feather Easter Eggs - homework (3)When you egg is completely dry, use small feathers, leaves or pressed flowers to add a little embellishment. Just Mod Podge them onto the egg.

Crepe Paper & Feather Easter Eggs - homework (4)Pop your eggs into a pretty nest for a natural look.

Crepe Paper & Feather Easter Eggs - homework (10)Or simply add them to a bowl with some real or artificial flowers.

I’m so relieved I managed to sneak in a last minute egg project. Here are some of the eggs I’ve shared in the past years.

Crepe Paper & Feather Easter Eggs - homework (7)

Thanks so much for stopping by.



  1. These are absolutely stunning. It looks like delicate pieces of bark on the eggs. I have pinned and will be sharing over at G+ and FB! Lovely, lovely! By the way, I am unable to comment on your blog using Chrome, I have to open Safari to do it. You might be missing out on comments people would like to leave. Not that I have any idea how you would fix that! Hugs! Chloe

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment and letting me know about Chrome. How strange... now hmmm how to fix it. Uggh.

  2. Adorable and elegant! I love all your creations! Beautiful little rose!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  3. Hi! I just stopped by from Link Party Palooza. These eggs are gorgeous! I've never seen anything like them.

  4. So beautiful. I love the color contrast.

    Saw this on You're Gonna Love It


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