Monday, July 23, 2012

Sew and Tell: diy fabric eyeglass case {no sew}

All my life I’ve had perfect vision. It was only recently that I started needing reading glasses. And it’s quickly progressed to stronger lenses and completely relying on them.

I have a pair in every room in the house because I’m not the type to wear a little dangly chain around my neck for my glasses. But for some reason, I’m always misplacing the eye glass cases. I lost my last one during my recent travels. I’m sure it fell out somewhere at the airport while I was fumbling for my boarding pass or at a restaurant while trying to read a menu.

When I got back, I made a mental note to go buy a new case. Then I thought, duh, I’ll just make one. My first thought was to sew one, but why bust out the sewing machine when there’s glue…

To make a quick and easy no-sew eye glass you’ll need:
  • Paper towel tube or wrapping paper tube
  • Fabric
  • Craft Glue

  • Cut your tube to the desired length to fit your glasses.
  • Cut open your tube down the long side
  • Glue your fabric to the outside of the tube and tuck in all edges gluing them to the inside.
  • Use a small line of glue to the inside edges and secure with binder clips.
  • Let dry.

This is much prettier than those silly cases they sell at the drugstore. The cardboard tube adds just the right amount of stiffness so the case will stay upright in your purse.

Plus, I love this fabric. It was in the remnant bin and I’ve been eager to use it on a project.

This is great way to use up a small piece of fabric and very budget-friendly. Add a monogram or other embellishments to make a nice gift.

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  1. Great, great idea Carolyn! I'm going to make at least a few of these... they'd make great gifts :)

  2. Love this idea. I am just starting to need reading glasses myself so I am definitely going to try this. What type of glue did you use? Love the tip about the binder clips to keep it closed until it dries - brilliant.

  3. WOW! This is a super cool idea that I will just have to try. Thanks for sharing it :)

    Lots of joy!

  4. Love it Carolyn! You had me at NO SEW:)

  5. Now that is clever. What a great use for a paper towel tube and remnant fabric. Store bought glass cases aren't always very pretty, but your's sure is.

  6. What a great, useful idea and I agree ~ I love the fabric!

  7. As a "have to wear them or I am blind" glasses wearer...this is a beautiful case!! Love how simple...could have lots of them!! ;)

  8. Love this simplistic case!!! I've always had to wear glasses and am always looking for a cute simple case!

  9. What a fabulous idea! I LOVE it!! :)
    xo! Vanessa

  10. Great idea! And so pretty. I love all things "no-sew" so I may have to try this! I wear glasses at night (and when I'm lounging around the house), so I could always use a cute case for them.

    -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap

  11. I recently had to start buying the little readers too! I'm definitely going to do this.

  12. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to make one...I need it for my clip on shades!

  13. What a great idea! I wear glasses full-time, so I have clip-on type sunglasses & a case like this one would be perfect for those little things.

  14. Hey Carolyn. I gave this tutorial a try - love how it turned out. Here's a link to the photo if you're interested:

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  16. Think I might take a stab at this project and I think I could line it too so that my lens don't get scratched - what ya think??


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  18. Just made one of these for my MIL for her stocking stuffer! I decided to put her name on it so it doesnt get up and walk off at the nursing home and I also decided to put a line of sewing down the two sides. Thanks soo much for the tut! Heres a picture:

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  20. Wowwww this case is beautiful I shall too just like others have mentioned will make this case


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