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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Upcycling: gold leopards to stone leopards

Just like Medusa from Greek mythology, I turned these leopards into stone. 

Or at least, faux stone.

When I was sorting through Christmas décor, I found these leopards at the bottom of a box of holiday décor. The leopards are made from paper mache and I think they were a gift. They’ve never worked with out with my holiday look…

I started by covering the leopards with a white paint primer.

To achieve this faux stone look, I mixed the same white paint and some leftover grout. 

Once the white paint grout mixture was dry, I distressed the leopards a little. I know there’s special paint you can purchase to give projects a distressed look but I used Martha Stewart Liquid Gilding in silver. 

I applied the gilding with a cheap course bristle brush very sparingly and used a toothpick to add a few dots here and there. Close up the gilding has a pretty metallic sheen. 

It would be fun to apply this faux stone or as I call it {Medusa} technique to a variety of objects.

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