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Thursday, May 22, 2014

EXTRA CREDIT: Spring Cleaning with AirRam Sweepstakes

Well friends, we’re almost done with spring and guess what. I never did my spring cleaning. With my son being a high school senior, it’s been a crazy year. College applications and visits, senior year events and now end of year and graduation events. Plus besides running this blog, I started working again.I don’t even want to tell you the disaster that my house has become. The picture above was taken last year when I had things a little more under control.

Once my son leaves for college (sniff, sniff), I will be doing some major cleaning and organizing. Hey, I might even redecorate his room. This AirRam Cordless Vacuum sounds amazing and would make cleaning so much easier. Lightweight, cordless and bagless. I have a really old vacuum so this would be a really nice replacement for my “vintage” heavy vacuum.

How about you? Wouldn’t you like to upgrade and update your vacuum? Enter for a chance to win one.