Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Taste: dad’s pickles

We’re halfway through barbeque season, so I decided it was time to make pickles. This recipe is actually my grandfather’s. When my mom gave me the recipe card it said “Dad’s Pickles” so that is what they will always be called.

If you’ve ever had a homemade pickle, you know what I’m talking about - fresh with a slight crunch – so different than a store bought pickle. The ingredients are simple; water, vinegar, salt, sugar, pickling cucumbers, garlic and fresh dill. Oh, and jars.

They’re easy to make and your popularity soars when you share them with friends.

If you’d like to try making “Dad’s Pickles” you’ll find the recipe under the Goodie Bag tab. Enjoy!


  1. I read the recipe and am very impressed with the fact that I don't need a canner. All of the recipes I found for pickles needed a canner. I'll be trying these out tomorrow, just picked a bunch of pickling cukes out of the garden tonight!

  2. Ok. I know I'm commenting again...but we made these today and I totally love them. I may be guilty of pickle gluttony...oops. I tried one about 2 hours after we made them and they were good. But then at 4 hours, even better. This makes about 5 1/2 and I'm ready to eat the jar!! They taste like the ones you get at restaurants with an amazing burger...yum!


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