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Thursday, August 6, 2015

GOOD TASTE: Asian Plum Sauce

I let the guy at the Farmer’s Market talk me in to WAY too many plums. I only wanted 3-4 and ended up with a bagful of amazing looking plums. The plums weren’t like any we’d had before. They were so juicy and sweet. The kind of fruit that drips down your chin when you bite into it. We happily munched on plums until we reached the day when they either needed to be composted or tossed. Or, of course, made into something. I love dipping sauces for pot stickers and egg rolls and so I grabbed the ingredients I’d need for homemade plum sauce.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GOOD TASTE: Japanese Eggplant, Shitake Mushroom & Bok Choy Stir Fry

Today I’m sharing a delicious and nutritious recipe with you. If you like stir fry and Szechwan flavoring, you’ll love this vegetable stir fry.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Show and Tell: kimonos, pencils and flowers

My first Show and Tell project was submitted by Marilyn. Check out these beautiful kimono robes she made.

And here’s her story:

“For the kimonos, I like to use a contrasting fabric for the front band and tie belt. I probably have much more fun picking out fabrics than the recipients of the kimonos have getting them as gifts.”

I would have to argue with that Marilyn… I’m sure the recipients love these.

“After searching unsuccessfully for a kimono pattern for months, I made a pattern by laying tracing paper over an old kimono.”

According to Marilyn after receiving more requests for kimonos, she knew she would have to find a pattern to accommodate sizes.

“Again I searched online and, this time, found the perfect unisex pattern - Kwik Sew Pattern 3177. It includes sizes XS through XL. This is a good pattern for experienced seamstresses and those who are new to sewing alike.”

Marilyn - thank you so much for submitting these for Show and Tell. They’re beautiful.

In keeping with the kimono theme, I was inspired to create these Asian-themed pencils. There are many tutorials currently available for paper-covered pencils. Here’s a good one using magazine paper.

For my pencils, I used a printout of a Japanese newspaper and decorated the jar with a collar in the same paper. The little hang tag is made from Japanese primary writing paper. Note the little squares go up and down - cute!

To finish off my Asian-inspired theme, I wanted to create an origami. I tried a lantern, a box and a whale. All were a complete failure. I had envisioned the last photo on this post with a shot of a perfectly crisp origami creation. I discovered that origami is not my thing. Instead I created these little flowers.

I’m rationalizing that these flowers fit with the Asian-theme since I used rice paper to make them. Here’s a tutorial on how you can make these pretty flowers.