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Monday, May 12, 2014

BE INSPIRED: Red Balloons for Ryan

Artwork courtesy of Craftberry Bush

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I was one of the lucky ones celebrating being a mother and celebrating with my mother. For those who have lost loved ones, it can be a cruel day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today’s assignment: be inspired

I received several emails recently with notes from creative ladies who made projects either inspired by one of my posts or in one case; we were making a similar project at the same time. 

I love sharing creative inspiration and was so happy to receive feedback on some of my projects.

Chrystal at Chrystal’s Corner had just bought bamboo placemats and left a comment on my bamboo placemat vase that she was looking for inspiration.

Here’s my bamboo vase

Here is Chrystal’s adorable wall hanging for her new niece which will look so cute in a little girl’s room.

Jennifer at Random Doodles was inspired to make a braided yarn wreath.

My braided yarn wreath

Jennifer’s braided yarn wreath. Jennifer posted that she was disappointed in her wreath but I think it’s great and love the little rosettes that she added. Jennifer also commented that she had fun making it and that’s the main point – have fun with each project.

Holly at Sweeter Hours commented on my Cheese Box Upcycle. She was working on her version of the Laughing Cow Cheese upcycle when she came across mine. The fun part is we created such different projects using the same box.

Here’s my Cheese Box Upcycle

Here’s Holly’s adorable diorama. Holly also made a tiny diorama in a match box that is so cute.
Thank you, Chrystal, Jennifer and Holly for sending in your projects. I loved getting your notes and seeing what you created.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today’s assignment: be inspired.

I’m starting a new category on homework which is actually my tagline “today’s assignment: be inspired”. When we create something, the inspiration came from somewhere - a tutorial, a magazine, a piece of artwork or perhaps a fond memory.

For instance, the inspiration for my branch photo holder came from little trees made out of wine corks that I saw on the Family Chic blog. I was going to make similar trees but didn’t have any wine corks. I decided instead to use branch clippings. From there I decided not to make trees at all but a photo holder.

Tiny Trees - Family Chic

Branch Photo Holder - homework

Marilyn sent in this photo of quilted scraps that she ended up using to trim a robe. She said she was inspired by my scrappy pillow.


Scrappy Pillow - homework

Patchwork trim - Marilyn

Julie sent in this IPad case that she made with felt. She said “you inspire me everyday”. Awwww – thank you so much Julie!


IPad Case - Julie

I hope your week is filled with inspiration.