Monday, May 12, 2014

BE INSPIRED: Red Balloons for Ryan

Artwork courtesy of Craftberry Bush

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. I was one of the lucky ones celebrating being a mother and celebrating with my mother. For those who have lost loved ones, it can be a cruel day.

About a week ago, I read a sad story in my local paper. A little boy was tragically killed by a truck. The story had just come out – it happened locally in an area that I know well but there were very little details in the article and no names were given.

Anytime you read a story like this, you think how incredibly sad it is. Within a short time I began to see posts, Instagram images and tweets about a fellow blogger’s tragic loss of her son with the hashtag #redballoonsforrayn. I started connecting the dots. The little boy was the son of blogger Jacqui at Baby Boy Bakery. You can read more about the story from her best friend and blogger Alissa at Diary of an Addict. As the dots became connected it suddenly went from an article in the paper to a heartbreaking story. This invisible virtual connection of dots brought it all to a personal level.

1922078_10202973353152251_3635110908823987032_n.jpgI won’t go into details about the story or try to put in words how senseless and tragic this all is. There are no words. But we can draw inspiration from the incredible outpouring of support by the online community. You can read about here in the Pasadena Star News.

1175247_638748826173728_7844232447236658457_n.jpgAnd within the invisible circle of dots that connect the blogging community, there are ways that you can help through their talents.

ryan-1Lisa Leonard Designs created this necklace with this description:
This tiny heart with a red string tied is a reminder that life is precious. Jacqui and Dan lost their sweet Ryan in a tragic accident. His life is precious and he will always be treasured. Proceeds will be donated.

Lucy from Craftberry Bush created the print (top image in this post). Items in her shop include the print, t-shirt and phone case with the beautiful image she painted. The image will also be used to create fabric that will be made into blankets. Proceeds will go to Ryan’s parents. Here are her words on her painting:
I painted this picture in memory of that beautiful little boy Ryan with those delicious red curls swaying in the wind as he travels towards Jesus.  It was only appropriate that he would be holding a red balloon, as it has become his symbol. 

Jacqui and Dan releasing red balloons on Mother's Day.

Other items created to help the family:

Cupcake Mag has partnered with Loved by Hannah and Eli and a created tee. Cupcake Mag is hosting an incredible action on her Instagram Lindsey from Pen and Paint is selling a print and the money raised with go towards purchasing books for local libraries in Ryan’s name.

Plus, there are many, many other ways you can help. Alissa at Diary of an Addict has a list on this post.
Thanks for visiting my little corner of the creative world.

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  1. There have been a rash of tragedies.. I saw this on the news... What a sweet boy!.. The painting is bittersweet...


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