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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

ETCETERAS: Christmas Shadow Box

Christmas Shadow Box via homework | carolynshomework.comShadow boxes are fun and the sky is the limit when deciding what to fill the little cubbies with. I think this little box will be constantly changing but for now I’m enjoying a few silver and white Christmas trinkets.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Celebrations: sparkle & glitter with Tulip Shimmer

It’s that glittery time of year. I’m usually not a sparkle and glitter type of person – except around the holidays. Then I love the look of silver, white and iridescent glitter.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Upcycling: little box ornaments

I’ve been saving little boxes with the idea to make some ornaments for the holidays.

Here are a few that I saved. The box on the left was perfect for an ornament. It came with the ribbon on top and the die cut circle. Originally it was the packaging for some type of crafting supply. I don’t recall what the clear plastic box was originally used for but I knew it had potential.

The plastic box became a snowy winter scene. Here’s how I made this ornament.
  • Seal the bottom of the box with clear packaging tape. This tape is very transparent and perfect to use with clear plastic.
  • Add some course or kosher salt to make the snow on the ground.
  • Add some twigs and arrange them to look like barren winter trees.
  • Lightly spray the inside of the box with canned snow {the type used for flocking trees}. You can see where I got a little heavy handed with the snow spray and it looks more like a blizzard than a light snow.
  • Seal the top of the box with clear packaging tape.
  • Hot glue a piece of ribbon or string to create a hanger.
Enjoy your snowy winter scene ornament.

I decided to Mod Podge the chipboard box and add a little bird scene to the window.

To make this type of ornament box, here’s the step-by-step.
  • Carefully remove the plastic window from the die cut area  {if your box has one} and set aside.
  • Cover your box with Mod Podge and the paper of your choice. I used a decorative napkin that I cut into strips. You can find more detailed instructions here.
  • Let your box dry. At this point you can seal the box with more Mod Podge. I chose to use glitter paint {Plaid Folkart Extreme Glitter – color: Champagne}

  • Once your box is completely dry tape or glue the window back on and create your scene.
  • I added the bird embellishment which was a dimensional craft sticker.
  • I then added the twigs to create the effect that the nest was in a tree. I taped the twigs to the inside of the box below the window so the tape wouldn’t show.
  • Carefully add the course or Kosher salt and close your box.

The little snowy bird scene glistening in the sun.

This was a fun way to combine upcycled boxes, natural materials and supplies that I had on hand. Two new ornaments ready to hang on the tree.

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Show and Tell: reindeer and gingerbread men and polar bears…oh my

I love these ornaments that Marilyn has submitted for show and tell.  Perfect to adorn a package or hang on a tree.

Here’s how she made them:

The polar bears and reindeer are made of leftover cotton batting and ribbon. I used a zigzag stitch all around the edge.

I used a cookie cutter, which made a nice pattern, to outline the gingerbread man.
I put an elastic cord on them so that they can be attached to the wrappings on gifts for my grandkids. They can take the decorations off the packages and hang them on the Christmas tree.

Thanks Marilyn. These are so cute. I’m going to have to dust off my sewing machine and try to make some fabric ornaments.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sew and Tell: pom pom snowman ornament

I had so much fun making pom pom flowers last month that I couldn’t resist making a pom pom snowman.

If you missed the tutorial on how to make a pom pom, you can find it here. To make a snowman, just make two pom poms, one slightly smaller than the other. I made the hat and eyes out of black cardstock and the nose out of orange cardstock rolled into a tiny cone. The buttons are black sequins.

You can use your pom pom snowman as an ornament or tie it onto a package to make someone’s gift extra special.

I’m going to leave my snowman is his little snow flurry since he seems so content.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inkling: corrugated paper ornaments

Have you seen the cute corrugated ornaments at West Elm? Here’s a picture…I love the owl.

The store is filled with great d├ęcor and they have a terrific holiday section. But the corrugated ornaments caught my eye. Definitely something I could try to make.

I made a snowman and a heart. I used corrugated paper that I had on hand. My paper was thinner than the kraft box type corrugated paper used in the West Elm ornaments but it worked fine.

To make these, you simply cut strips of paper and roll them using glue every now and then to hold the roll together. To make a shape other than a circle, start rolling and shape as you roll.

The heart and snowman were fairly easy to make - so next up, I’m going to try to make the owl.

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