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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

THE DIRT: Brown Paper Seedling Pots {tomato plants}

Brown Paper  Seedling Pots via homework | This year I planted tomato seeds instead of buying mature plants. I was so surprised how many seedlings I got. So many in fact, I needed to thin them out and I didn’t have the heart to throw away the smaller plants.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Show & Tell: french herb pots and cha wrap up

Today I want to share with you the craft that I made at the Craft and Hobby Association {CHA} show last week. I was invited by the wonderful people at Plaid to be a guest in their booth and give a demonstration. I was incredibly flattered to be asked and it was exciting and nerve-wracking.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Dirt: an inspired herb pot

I’ve been brainstorming holiday gift ideas lately and created this pretty blue herb pot that was inspired by a picture I saw recently.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Dirt: painted clay pots

I’m sure you’ve seen similar projects to these painted clay pots. They’re referred to as; painted pots, chippy paint, distressed planters, weathered terra cotta etc.

Photo courtesy of The Handmade Home

This was the inspiration photo. When I Googled “painted pots” this was one of the images that came up in the search and I knew this was how I wanted my pots to look.

I researched several ways to achieve the distressed look and decided to use the following method:

1. Start with clean, dry terra cotta pots.
2. Rub a candle all over the pots (the wax helps chip the paint)
3. Paint your pots in a desired color. I used various combinations of Martha Stewart paints in Scallion (green), Surf (blue) and Wedding Cake (white).
4. Once the paint is dry rub off some of the paint. This is where I had trouble. My paint didn’t want to come off so I used a little sand paper to scratch up the paint.

The two larger pots are now home to some new succulent chicks.

The two smaller pots are too tiny for plants so I made them into candle holders.

I melted a few citronella candles and poured the wax into the pots reusing the wicks. You can melt old candles on top of the stove in a throw away pot. However, I found the easiest way is to use an old tin can. Place your candles in the clean can and put in the oven at around 250 degrees. Pour your wax and throw away the can.

Note: I’m not a candle maker and have no idea what I’m doing… Use caution when melting candles on your stove or in your oven.

Love my new turquoise, aqua, chippy, painted, distressed, weathered terra cotta clay pots.


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Dirt: Summer Succulents

I’ve wanted to make a centerpiece with succulents for awhile and was inspired by the three ceramic jars I found at the 99₵ store recently. Bright yellow jars perfect for summer.

I finally got to the nursery today and ooh - the selection. I had a hard time deciding but finally settled on three hardy-looking guys. I would tell you their proper names but they didn’t come with those little plastic plant sticks and I forgot to ask.

The succulents were easy to transplant into the jars and they seem perfectly happy in the dining room or on the patio.

I think my nameless succulents and bright yellow pots will keep me in a summer mood for a long time.