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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Dirt: a nursery and new elm tree

I recently posted about our poor front yard white birch tree and it’s untimely end. So sad but I do have a huge supply of twigs and branches for projects. I also mentioned that I was on the hunt for a new tree for our front yard.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Celebrations: spring paper flower centerpiece

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Inspired by the pretty spring projects floating around blogland I felt it was time to create a new spring centerpiece.

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These three projects {above} were linked up on my link party and featured on the Inspiration Board within the last month. These were my main source of inspiration when I created my spring paper flower tree. {left} Mulberry Paper Flowers ~ Craftberry Bush  {middle} Bird Lamp ~ Creative Chaos  {right} Spring Paper Wreath ~ Ivaalex

I loved different aspects of each project… the muted watercolors on the Mulberry Flowers, the airy feeling of the Bird Lamp and the variety of color on the Spring Paper Wreath.

For my flowers, I used very cheap napkins as the paper.

I sprinkled water on the napkins and then dabbed water color paints here and there until I achieved a mottled effect. Since the napkins are wet, the paint bleeds together nicely. My primary colors were blue, pink and yellow/green. Once you’re done painting, let the napkins dry thoroughly.

I wanted tiny little flowers so I cut strips of the napkins and used this tutorial originally designed for crepe paper.

When you make these flowers, try to find interesting parts of the napkin with different colors and tones.

The little blue birds are made out of rice paper and I recycled them from this project I made last year.

The flowers are extremely fragile so be careful when putting together your tree.

I may keep one little bird perched on top but I haven’t decided.

I didn’t want the entire tree covered in flowers so I added some silk flower leaves to give it a little bit of an airy feeling.

 This will be the centerpiece of my Easter brunch table. I can hardly wait to add more tablescape details.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Inkling: oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree

For my final Christmas project, I wanted to accomplish two things. One: make a Christmas tree and, two: use up some of my scraps of paper.

I have a box of paper scraps that would no longer close and it was definitely time to either toss some of it or find a way to use up some of the smaller pieces.

I started with another branch that I rescued from the yard clipping bin. I made a cone out of cardstock and hot glue gunned it onto the branch. Then, I cut strips of paper and started gluing and gluing and gluing.

My tree is a little crooked and uneven but I like it like this. It gives it a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree feel.

A tree can get much greener than this. The trunk made from yard clippings and branches made from scrap paper.

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