Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Dirt: a nursery and new elm tree

I recently posted about our poor front yard white birch tree and it’s untimely end. So sad but I do have a huge supply of twigs and branches for projects. I also mentioned that I was on the hunt for a new tree for our front yard.

A Chinese Lacebark Elm to be exact. I researched several trees and had my heart set on a Lacebark Elm. I checked all the big home and garden stores and they only had a few varieties of trees. Ordering one from a tree farm would cost a small fortune to ship and most of the local nurseries didn’t have the Lacebark Elm.

Here’s an interesting fact. The American Elm once dominated North America and Elm wood was used to make canoes, storage barrels and furniture. The population of American Elm was nearly wiped out completely by Dutch elm disease which is spread by beetles. For over 50 years the disease wiped out more than 100 million trees. Source Source

Blog Elm Tree Nursery-002I called one last nursery – a small one that has been family run for years. They said they could order the tree for me. I was thrilled and the price was right. Today I went to pick up our new Lacebark Elm and snapped a few pictures as I strolled through the nursery.

Blog Elm Tree Nursery-001There is something so relaxing about walking around a nursery. 

The plants are healthy and thriving and it’s not crowded with oversized shopping carts and long lines.

Blog Elm Tree NurseryBeautiful pottery and flowers that are within reach and not perched high up on shelves where you would need a forklift to get to them. I’m going to make it a point from now on to get my plants at this local nursery and avoid the big chain.

And here’s our new Chinese Lacebark Elm all planted and ready to thrive and grow.
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Signature Box flower

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