Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Etceteras: new year organizing {craft box}

I’m still on the organization train. Don’t you love looking at photos of beautiful crafts rooms all neat and organized? I know, me neither – it just makes me feel like such a slob.

Like many of you, I have limited space. Craft supplies, fabric, and crafting tools fight for space with regular office equipment and paperwork. I try to be tidy and keep things organized in boxes.

I usually work a week or two in advance on my projects. If I have an idea, I start pulling out supplies and that’s when things start piling up. I may be working on several projects at a time while finished projects are waiting to be photographed.

There’s a side table by my desk where I place supplies I’m planning to use. I would “keep it real” and show you a picture but you can use your imagination. Twine, glue, embellishments, bits of paper with sketches and ideas and possibly a coffee cup or worse…

Part of my organization plan is to make a few pretty boxes for the supplies that I’m using. For this box, I used a cardboard crate. I unfolded the box and using an old light blue pillow case,  Mod Podged the fabric to the box. I’m not an experienced Mod Podger and once the box started drying, I could see the air bubbles under the fabric. 

I tried to fix the problem by poking pinholes in the fabric and applying another coat of Mod Podge {this is what was recommended on a few sites}. Nope, my air bubbles were there to stay. 

What do you do when you when you’ve spent hours on a project and it’s ready for the “craft fail” category? Wrap it in string!

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  1. how very very pretty!!! thanks for sharing : ) hugs...

  2. Those boxes are definitely pretty! I'm still trying to figure out how to get all my junk organized! Definitely a 2012 goal!

  3. Oh I hear ya on the Modge Podge thing. Sometimes that happens. I fixed that issue for myself by putting on a much thinner layer of Modge to start with. I let it get just a little tacky first and then lay down my fabric/paper/whatever. Then, because I'm real (read improvisation queen), I use an old creditcard or one of those old membership cards from something I no longer sign up for and I scrape over the whole thing to squeegee out any bubbles. I do this a few times, coming back to the project after letting it sit a little while between each squeegeeing. Once it's all dry, THEN I put my top coat of Modge Podge on since the bubbles are less likely to form. Thin coats done with a soft brush seem to work because I invariably press too hard with foam applicators and wind up making a ton of tiny bubbles if I use them. :)

    Hope that helps some! Also, don't feel bad about the craft room looking a mess. That just means you're productive. A clean craft room to me either means you're Martha Stewart or you aren't crafting enough. ;)

  4. Yes, I totally feel like a craft slob but I always know where everything is in my "chaotic mess". LOVE your boxes :)

  5. The box looks wonderful with the string!

  6. The string was such a cute solution! It looks like you planned it all along!

  7. This came out great! I love the string! I featured you today in my Friday I'm In Love favorites!

    - Jenn @ Social Salutations

  8. This box looks amazing! I think it looks even better with the string!

  9. I am definitely a craft slob. My family is shocked that my desk has been clean for 2 weeks. Primarily because I haven't been making anything. I love your box and how you turned your "fail" ( HA!) into fabulous.

  10. Even your craft supplies look pretty!

  11. Great to see such an interesting stuff after months. I was literally in search for these amazing designs.

  12. Very cute! And I agree with Holly, all your stuff is so pretty!

  13. Brilliant! And I love the clothespins. I've been buying the pretty Shabby Chic ones at Michaels with no idea what to do with them - now I know!

  14. My sister-in-law just loves handicraft, and part of it is her love to organizer her handicraft work area. She likes to find creative storage solutions for her handicraft station, and once she finds the one storage solution that she feels would work for her, she would immediately venture out to find a ready-made storage or if not, she would make it from scratch. After all, she likes DIYs.


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