Monday, January 9, 2012

Inkling: new year organizing

There’s something about a new year, new calendar and new start that sparks a desire to clean and organize. There’s been a big focus on organizing tips on a lot of blogs lately.

Every year around this time I get caught up in the organizing frenzy. 

One area that was out of control and a mess for me was a lack of a system to organize my blog contacts. When I started this blog, I would jot down notes in a  handy notebook. Passwords, user names, contacts all scribbled here and there.

I didn’t want to incorporate these contacts into my general rolodex so I created a separate filing box.

This was a win-win since I used up scraps of crafting paper and bits of supplies. Sweet scrapbook embellishments and trim decorate the divider tabs that I made and stamped A-Z.

I wanted this file system to be fun and cheery. Not like my office rolodex which is very office-like.

Little bits of this and that are sticking out but I can easily find a password or blog contact name. 

I filed away the pretty business cards from a few contacts.

Each business card provides a little inspiration.

Each one is unique.

And the personal notes on some of the cards keep me inspired.

How are you organizing for the new year? 

Stay tuned, I’ll have more organization projects this week.

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  1. Good morning! It seems I've found an organizing-in-January twin! To ME, the beginning of the new year is officially 'Spring cleaning' time. I tend to turn pretty much everything upside down, clean, reorganize, etc. In MY case, I started doing it in January because, by Spring, it's just too HOT here in Texas. Now is the ideal time. I love your ideas, and REALLY love the way they are presented. I'm afraid I'll never achieve anything close to your degree of elegance, but I am at least organized! LOL! Have a beautiful Monday, Carolyn!

  2. Very clever and cute. I'm working on organizing around my home too.

  3. Oh I love it! The whole thing has a great eclectic feel to it. It feels homey and relaxed but I can't help but want to flip through it all.

  4. It's whimsical and useful at the same time. Organizing seems to on a lot of minds this month.

  5. I adopted one of your organizing ideas last year and am equally charmed this year too. For goodness sakes, I'm using plain boxes and plastic tubs as catchers on my craft desk. I really should take 10 minutes to make them glisten with inspiration! Thanks again for the wisdom and encouragement!

  6. Your scrappy organizer is an awesome way to use up those tiny pieces and really fun to look through. Too cool!

  7. Nice job! I'd love to have you link this up to my party at Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love this! Glad I found your site!

  9. such a fabulous idea...i love it! to top it like a little piece of art. thanks for the inspiration...stopping by from rook no17

  10. Absolutely love this....beautiful, love your site


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