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Thursday, March 17, 2016

FRESH LOOK: Rolodex Makeover

Rolodex Makeover 6I know a Rolodex is outdated and is probably going to obsolete soon but I use mine all the time. I’ve toted it from job to job and over the years collected tons of business cards. One day, I’ll weed through it and maybe even dump it and just use my phone contacts. But for now it lives on my desk and it was an eyesore.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Inkling: new year organizing

There’s something about a new year, new calendar and new start that sparks a desire to clean and organize. There’s been a big focus on organizing tips on a lot of blogs lately.

Every year around this time I get caught up in the organizing frenzy. 

One area that was out of control and a mess for me was a lack of a system to organize my blog contacts. When I started this blog, I would jot down notes in a  handy notebook. Passwords, user names, contacts all scribbled here and there.

I didn’t want to incorporate these contacts into my general rolodex so I created a separate filing box.

This was a win-win since I used up scraps of crafting paper and bits of supplies. Sweet scrapbook embellishments and trim decorate the divider tabs that I made and stamped A-Z.

I wanted this file system to be fun and cheery. Not like my office rolodex which is very office-like.

Little bits of this and that are sticking out but I can easily find a password or blog contact name. 

I filed away the pretty business cards from a few contacts.

Each business card provides a little inspiration.

Each one is unique.

And the personal notes on some of the cards keep me inspired.

How are you organizing for the new year? 

Stay tuned, I’ll have more organization projects this week.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Inkling: hang tag rolodex

Here’s an easy way to organize business cards.

Use a book ring and hang tags to create a rolodex.

To make the alphabet, I used background images and typed in the letters over the image. Then I cut the strips of paper and taped them onto the hang tags.

Punch a hole in the business cards and file them.

You can make this using the A-Z system or instead use categories such as; craft suppliers, fabric stores or creative resources.

If you’re high tech, you would probably just enter the information into your electronic address book or cell phone. But if you enjoy saving beautiful and interesting business cards this is an easy way to keep them on file.

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