Thursday, March 17, 2016

FRESH LOOK: Rolodex Makeover

Rolodex Makeover 6I know a Rolodex is outdated and is probably going to obsolete soon but I use mine all the time. I’ve toted it from job to job and over the years collected tons of business cards. One day, I’ll weed through it and maybe even dump it and just use my phone contacts. But for now it lives on my desk and it was an eyesore.

Blog Rolodex Makeover Before and AfterIt’s your standard black Rolodex. Or it was… now it has a fresh makeover and looks much better.

Rolodex Makeover 8I started by removing all the cards and giving it a good washing. Then I lightly sanded it and gave it a coat or three of white spray paint.

Rolodex Makeover 11While the paint was drying, I made new dividers. A-Z plus some category tabs like, Doctors, Home Repair and so on.

  • To make the dividers you simply cut out several rectangles sized to your Rolodex. 
  • I have a handy tab punch and I used double-sided super strong tape to stick those onto the top of the dividers. 
  • To cut the bottom holes so that it fits into the Rolodex cut two narrow slits and use a hole punch to cut a circle at the top of each slit. 
  • Because I used black chalkboard paper, I used a white chalk pen to write my alphabet.

Rolodex Makeover 3This super cool wood paper was the perfect touch to cover up the brand name on the dials. I used a 2 inch circle punch to cut the wood paper.

Rolodex Makeover 5I really need to get rid of some of the cards because I’m almost at maximum capacity.

Rolodex Makeover 4Little personal notes that people write on their cards are one of the reasons I hang on to this thing.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
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  1. Oh heavens! Who would think to do this??? It's genius, my dear - just crazy genius. (I still have a Rolodex, too)


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