Thursday, March 3, 2016

HOMEROOM: Bay Window Makeover with Bamboo Blinds

Bay Window Bamboo Blind Makeover - homework (16)It’s done. Thank goodness. This window makeover has taken me forever but this past weekend we finally finished. Hooray!

Bay Window BeforeHere’s what I started with. Old wood blinds that were so disgusting and dirty. An outdated valance that had definitely seen better days. And a funky novelty fruit and vegetable clock. How did I let things get so dated looking. You can read about the planning and progress of this transformation HERE.

Bay Window Bamboo Blind Makeover - homework (4)As you can see the 2 inch wood blinds are gone replaced with the new bamboo shades. The shades will be so much easier to clean and give the room a lighter, airier feeling. I didn’t get any privacy backing on the blinds and although you can see out, you can’t see in through them.

Bay Window Bamboo Blind Makeover - homework (6)It’s hard to photograph the blinds and see the true color of the blinds. The blinds are all the same color “Monarch” and the blind on the right is the best color representation. The Elm tree outside makes middle blind photography greenish.

Bay Window Bamboo Blind Makeover - homework (9)The pressed fern prints that I made years ago are now replaced with new hand lettered prints by Craft Street Design. One says “Let it Be” and the other says “Enjoy every moment”. Words to live by.

Bay Window Bamboo Blind Makeover - homework (7)Aren’t they fantastic. And I’m all about beautiful packaging and my prints came wrapped in cello with these hand lettered tags and a sweet note. She has an amazing assortment of designs and you can check them out at Craft Street Design.

Bay Window Bamboo Blind Makeover - homework (10)I’m really happy with the white cotton embroidered sheer panels. I love how they add a softness to the bamboo.

Bay Window Bamboo Blind Makeover - homework (12)The strange fruit clock has been replace by a simple wood clock and I used pillows that I had on hand to add a touch of spring. I’m still debating on what to do about those chairs. I want to paint them white but my husband likes them the way they are. Any suggestions? Maybe I’ll get some white chair pads.

Bay Window Bamboo Blind Makeover - homework (14)I love the color of Golden delicious apples so I filled this blue & white oversized bowl to bring color to the table and to celebrate the room makeover.

Bay Window Bamboo Blind Makeover - homework (1)And it’s hard to resist fresh flowers this time of year. White Stock and green poms poms aren't expensive at all and make a big impact.

Bay Window Bamboo Blind Makeover - homework (3)One more picture of the entire room because I’m so happy I’m finished and now get to enjoy the room. Now on to the next project.

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  1. I never thought I would say this, but, I agree w/your husband.. the chairs add that pop of color and also draw the eye to the blinds.. I think if u painted the chairs, they would just blend in w/all the white u have.. I love your sheers- where did u get them? also, the bamboo blinds were the right choice! Love the clean lines- its perfect!

    1. Haha Kalei's Best Friend! I'm starting to agree with him too. I got the cotton sheers at Ross so I'm sure they're long gone but Ross, TJ Maxx, Homegoods always has curtains you can pick up at a steal. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate your opinion and feedback.

  2. The blinds are beautiful. It adds character to the room.

  3. The room looks great! So fresh! Good job.

  4. Ooooh, your window looks fantastic! It's good to know you can't see through in, I want those too but without the liners :) I like the color of the chairs. Maybe you can play around with the pads or coves?

  5. What a beautiful improvement. Love how the light can still come through & how awesome they look closed. warm & comfy!

  6. I love the blinds too Carolyn! A big improvement over the others! Also like the sheers. Now I kinda like the other clock...LOL, but I can't see it too well. The one you have is nice too. I agree, keep the chairs as they are. Everything looks very cozy & homey.


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