Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sew and Tell: fall leaf mobile

Updated 9/15/10: I've received a lot of questions about how I mounted the mobile. Just to let you know, for this photo, the mobile was balancing off the edge of a tall bookcase. I've since moved it to my inspiration board using a small ribbon in the center of the main twig. Ideally, I want to hang it from the ceiling but that will require a ladder, tools and my husband so that hasn't happened yet.
Thanks for asking about my fall leaf mobile. So glad you like it.

Fall is definitely in the air. And if not in the air where you are, it’s definitely around the creative blogs, shops and catalogs.

To me, nothing says “Fall” like autumn leaves and so I created a falling leaf mobile with coffee stained muslin fabric and a white birch twig.

To make a mobile like this, you’ll need:

Coffee or tea
Thread or strings

Cut out pieces of muslin and soak in coffee or tea. For my leaves I used coffee (leftover from breakfast). I decided not to soak them but drizzle the coffee over the fabric for a variegated effect.

Hang your fabric to dry.
Create a leaf template and trace onto your dried fabric. Cut out your leaves.
Glue your leaves onto a piece of thread or string and let dry.

Secure your threads of falling leaves onto the twig. I wrapped the thread around the twig and added a tiny spot of glue. Hang your mobile and enjoy the falling leaves.
The best part – you don’t have to rake these leaves up.



This project has been entered in the CSI Project of the Year Challenge
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  1. Very pretty! But how did you hang up the twig?

  2. Oh wow!! Love this!

  3. Really lovely, and I like that this is an affordable tutorial too! Fall is in the air!

  4. how very pretty! I have added it to my blog list of 'things to make'

  5. Thanks so much everyone for your comments. I'm so glad you liked my craft.
    Have a great day - be creative! carolyn

  6. You have amazing ideas! I love this one too! I am highlighting it today!

  7. Really simple and lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  8. UBER cute! Very Martha Stewart! Well done. Thanks for sharing ... I've posted a link. I suspect I'll be here a while too.... :)

  9. Beautiful! Just what I needed for my entry way - thanks!

  10. Pretty. How is it displayed? I mean, is the whole thing hanging from the ceiling? Coming out from a wall?

  11. Very cool! I like how classy it looks.

  12. Hi Carolyn, just stopping by your lovely blog for the first time, and wanted to invite you to share some projects on my crafty international linking party, starting every Sunday....I love the pressed flower gift tags and this mobile among so many others, and would love to see you there! all the best, Sara


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