Thursday, October 6, 2011

Celebrations: black velvet pumpkins

Making velvet pumpkins has been popular for a few years now and they've been on my list of projects to make since I first saw them.

I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous velvet pumpkins on several sites in deep rich colors like, copper, burgundy, auburn, gold and even blue. I especially love the ones that use real pumpkin stems.

When I spied a roll of black velvet in the remnant bin of the fabric store I knew I could put it to good use. However, I couldn’t find any real pumpkin stems. 

These pumpkins are fairly easy to make.
  1. Cut a circle out of your fabric.
  2. With a needle and thread, gather the outer edge of the circle with a running stitch. Pull your thread so that your pumpkin is partially closed. Do not cut your thread yet.
  3. Fill your pumpkin about 1/3 full with beans, rice or some other weighted filler.
  4. Fill the rest of your pumpkin with fiber fill or other soft stuffing.
  5. Insert a stem into your pumpkin. You can use a real pumpkin stem or a branch like I did. I also added a few stems of autumn floral that I had spray painted gold.
  6. Pull your thread tightly around the stem so that the raw edges are tucked inside. Add a few more stitches to secure and tie off.
The black velvet was difficult to photograph and it’s hard to see the gathers in the pumpkins so here’s the same photo as above brightened and with the contrast increased so you get an idea of how the gathered fabric looks. 

Even without the real pumpkin stems, I’m happy with how these turned out. 


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  1. They are beautiful, Carolyn. I've been eyeing the velvet pumpkins, too, and thinking about making some.

  2. Those are GORGEOUS!!! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE them!


  3. Love the black velvet used. It is really snazzy! Saw you on Tip Junkie. Come visit me

  4. Of all of the beautiful things you've made and there have been MANY, these may just be the most beautiful!

  5. I have seen the velvet pumpkins too but have never tried making them. Thanks so much for showing us how you did them. I saw your post over at "Frugalicious Me".

  6. Awesome idea and fantastic tutorial. I'm your newest follower - thanks so much for visiting our site as well. You are welcome to drop by anytime!

  7. Just wanted to let you know I featured these as part of my BFF Open House wrap up and features! Thanks so much for making it such a wonderful party. Please feel free to grab a featured button from my sidebar if you would like!

  8. Love these, looks very expensive and beautiful.

  9. Oooh, very fancy! I love the velvet, what a great idea!

  10. I agree, they are gorgeous! Great project! I think the stems look fantastic too!!

  11. Carolyn, these black velvet pumpkins are gorgeous!

  12. Oh so chic! Love the rich black :)


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