Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good Taste: game day finger food

Here in the United States a big day is coming up. It’s not listed as a national holiday but feasts will be prepared and many, many calories consumed. We’re talking chips and dip, pizzas, wings, sandwiches and plenty of beverages to wash it all down. Yes, it’s Super Bowl Sunday time.

I like my share of game day traditional food but I this year I’m going to add a few prettier food items to the menu. These are more my style and although the calorie count may be the same, I’ll feel better having a few crackers rather than consuming a bowl of chips.

I made these simple crackers with a few items on hand. Havarti cheese, sliced avocado and bacon. Like I said, the calorie count is probably the same as nachos but it looks prettier!

Here are a few dishes from my archives that I might make.

Mango Salsa 7
 Mango salsa – this is really refreshing especially after a few spicy chicken wings.

Shrimp Salsa – stock up on plenty of tortilla chips because this is always a hit.

Caprese Sticks – refreshing and tasty.

Graham Cracker Toffee Bark. So yummy and bite sized. If you’re having friends over, hide a few for later because these will be gone before halftime.

Pecan Pie Tarts. Little bite sized portions of pecan pie goodness. The guys might think these look too frilly for football but I bet they’ll like them.

{recipes for the food items from my archives can be found under the Goodie Bag tab or on the original post}

Whether you’re having traditional game day food, pretty food or a mix of both, it will be a fun day of football, funny commercials and probably a few Tums.

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  1. Oh, the absolutely CRUELTY you have heaped upon my round head, Carolyn! Sigh. Avacado, cheese, and - gasp! - BACON? REALLY??? My three FAVORITE 'food groups'? LOL! I'd go for those over chips & dips ANYTIME. And the mango salsa? I can't stand chicken wings, but I'll take a serving (LARGE, PLEASE) of that salsa STRAIGHT UP! Same with the shrimp salsa! No chips, just pass the bowl & a BIG ol' spoon! I'm not a sweet eater so I'll be a good Kai & leave the sweeties for everyone else. But - ummm - are there any more of those bacon/avacado/cheese yummies?

  2. Oh these look delish! We are not big football fans but my husband still asks me for "Superbowl snacks". Really they're Superbowl commercial snacks lol.


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