Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Etceteras: clipix

How much time do you spend online? As a blogger, I spend a lot of time visiting websites, researching information, looking for inspiration, shopping and more. I have to admit that I’m a note taker. I try to stay organized and keep notes in an idea book or a to-do list but often times the scraps of paper and post its start to take over.

That’s where Clipix.com can come to the rescue. I’m definitely more of a visual person and often times don’t even remember if I’ve bookmarked a page or where the little scraps of paper are. With Clipix I can keep all my favorites and bookmarks neatly organized on clipboards.

You can customize your privacy settings so you can share your clips with everyone, your friends or only yourself.


Some great features include the Syncboards where you can create and clip with friends and family in real time. There’s also a drag and drop feature to rearrange your boards onto Multiboards. With Multiboards, you can group multiple clipboards by category. This would be a great feature for some of my crafting categories. I’ve already created a general project clipboard but I’m planning to create Multiboards with categories like, paper crafts, sewing, printables, d├ęcor and gardening.



You can use Clipix for so much more. A board for vacation ideas, kid’s activities, articles you plan to read later and the list goes on. There's also an iPhone app so you can clip on the go.



Check out Clipix and start getting organized. Just drag the clip button to your tool bar and start clipping.


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  1. I just tried clipix too and it is awesome tool. I really like the interface.


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