Monday, April 9, 2012

Fresh Look: christmas box to pretty box

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I’ve had this box out since Christmas. Not as d├ęcor but on deck for a makeover.

Blog Christmas Box_Collage
Originally the box was bright red and oh so Christmassy. I think it was a container for some candy treats we got as a gift. I had know idea what I wanted to do with it until I saw this post.

Vivienne over at The V Spot, blew me away with this tutorial on how to create faux glazed ceramic – she’s a genius that way. Vivienne is bold and a rebel – she tells us to break all the painting rules by layering paint and while the paint is still wet, coating your project with clear gloss spray paint.

The perfect technique for my red Christmas box. I used white spray paint, silver acrylic craft paint and clear gloss spray paint to give my box a new look.

I did have a few problems with my project. The original tutorial creates faux ceramic from a terra cotta pot and clay - a perfect base for the spray paint to adhere to. I started with a glazed ceramic item, dove in and spray painted it white. All was fine until the final step when I spray painted the clear gloss. Just like the straw that broke the camel’s back, the paint started to drip and expose the original red box.

I let the box dry and filled in the exposed areas with white paint and a small artist’s paint brush. Once that was dry, I gave the box another coat of gloss – this time more lightly.

I probably should have lightly sanded the box or primed it first. Oh well, it turned out fine and I can use it for a variety of things. For now, it will hold bath salts in the bathroom.

I’m amazed what a coat (or 2-3) of paint can do. And these pretty lavender bath salts and fresh lavender add just the right touch of color.

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  1. very very beautiful...

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  2. Very pretty, Carolyn. I love the grey highlights and the bath salts look beautiful in there.

  3. Wow! I didn't know you could do that! It turned out beautiful!

  4. ooo so pretty! I like it so much better as white! great job!

  5. This is awesome! (and thanks for the shout out, my friend!)

  6. What a lovely box, love that is was something so different and probably not used as often as it could be now :D

  7. Hi Carolyn, Wow this is super cool... the possibilities and endless! I need to check out that tute! xoxo Malia

  8. Way to recycle some less than pretty Christmas decor. Love it!

  9. your transformations are always amazing!

  10. This is gorgeous! I love the gloss! Thanks for sharing with us! Hope you are well!

    Take care,


  11. great idea: Find a shape/object you like and make it last more than one season. Thanks for sharing!


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