Friday, November 20, 2015

FRIDAY: High Five

Happy Friday everyone! Here in the United States all thoughts have turned to turkey, stuffing, gravy and pie. I can’t wait for the feast next week. I have a super busy weekend with family obligations and of course, I need to make my list for my Thanksgiving dishes and get to the market. I hope you have a great weekend planned. Here’s what I’m high-fiving about from this past week.

2-Vintage Buttons homeworkMy vintage button jar is filled to the brim and I can’t wait to create some fun projects using some of these gems.

1-Gigi th Squirrel homeworkGigi the squirrel continues to visit me several times a day. She now comes to my home office window when her little bowl is empty. I may have to set up an Instagram account just for her.

1-Sunset homeworkA beautiful sunrise centered over a palm tree and the roof of our house caught my eye. Sometimes you have to take a few minutes to just stare at nature because within minutes it was gone.

2-Veranda The Romance of Flowers GiveawayI have a giveaway for a gorgeous huge coffee table book; Veranda – The Romance of Flowers. Nearly 300 pages of the most beautiful floral inspiration and photography. As we head toward December, this quote caught my eye.

3-Glass Table homeworkNo, this is glass for my next craft project. This is what’s left of our glass patio table. We had a crazy wind storm here and our table didn’t survive the gust. And, recently, my son’s car was totaled  - he’s fine but his car is beyond repair. I also had the exterminator out twice for termite swarms and we desperately need to tent the house in the near future. Sometimes, things pile up in life and you feel overwhelmed. But then a dear friend calls to tell you her brother passed away suddenly and it puts everything in perspective. Furniture and and other material things are just things. This is the time of year for family and we have to remind ourselves of what’s really important.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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