Friday, February 12, 2016

HOMEROOM: Dining Room Bay Window Makeover

Kitchen Bay Window Makeover with Bamboo Shades via homework (6)I’m finally making some progress on my dining room bay window makeover. Truth be known, those wood blinds and green valance have been in that window since we first moved in many, many years ago. I’m slowly going to be changing out all the wood blinds in our house which are so difficult to dust and replace them with bamboo shades. You can see in this picture I’ve narrowed the shades down to three choices: Tortoise, Monarch and White. I’m leaning toward the middle sample which is Monarch.

I bought the white sheer curtains and they’re just temporarily thrown over the existing curtain rod to help me decide on the new blinds.

Gold Painted Pressed Ferns via homework8[2]I don’t have many pictures of our bay window because we get incredible light streaming through that window and it’s hard to photograph. Here’s one photo I have to show a “before” shot.
  1. The wood blinds will be replaced by the bamboo shades.
  2. The green valance will be replaced by the white sheer panels on an iron curtain rod.
  3. The clock has already been replaced by a light wood framed clock.
  4. I may freshen the side pictures that I made out of pressed ferns.
  5. The entire kitchen and and dining room needs a fresh coat of paint and I want to go lighter and whiter.

bay-window-bamboo-shadesHere’s one of my inspiration pictures. {source} Isn’t it dreamy? I’ve already purchased similar curtain rods and I’m hoping my space looks similar when I'm done. 

Kitchen Bay Window Makeover with Bamboo Shades via homework (7)
This little board is helping me stay on track. I’ve already purchased the curtain rod and chose the 2nd finial from the top. Those nifty elbows will turn 3 ordinary rods into a bay window rod. Cool! The white panels are ready to hang as soon as I hang the new rod. Now I just need to order the bamboo shades. As I mentioned, I’m leaning toward the middle sample called Monarch.

sw worldly grayHere’s another inspiration photo. (Source) The shades in this room are a little darker than the look I’m going for but it still is a striking look for this bedroom.

101999091.jpg.rendition.largestAnd here’s one more inspiration photo (source). These curtains are nice because you can close them to block off the sunlight if it’s too intense.

Kitchen Bay Window Makeover with Bamboo Shades via homework (5)Stay tuned. I’ll be working on this transformation and I’ll be sharing the “after” photos soon.

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  1. Great inspirations! I am thinking about the bamboo shades too, but in the living room windows. I can't wait to get rid of the wooden blinds and say goodbye to dusting ;)


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