Thursday, April 7, 2016

UPCYCLING: K Cup Succulent Pots

Recycled K Cup Succulent Pots - homework (11)Earth Day is around the corner and I love making recycled or upcyled projects even if it’s not in honor of Earth Day. One of my guilty pleasures is my Keurig Coffee Maker. I drink coffee throughout the day and having that fresh little cup of coffee is so darn nice. Except for the plastic K Cups that pile up. I can’t wait for the coffee manufactures to all move to a biodegradable container. I heard it’s coming soon.

Recycled K Cup Succulent Pots - homework (5)In the meantime, I try to think of ways to reuse those darn little cups. I made some super cute K-Cup gnomes for the holidays. And now that it’s spring, a great way to use some of them is to use them as seedling starters or succulent starter pots.

These would make a great little gift pack. Simply wrap the K Cup in some brown paper and tie them with a piece of string. I used some funky packing paper I had saved. Cut a strip, wrap around the K Cup and tape the bottom. For the top, I just pressed the paper into the inside of the cup.

Recycled K Cup Succulent Pots - homework (1)Fill the cups with dirt and add some succulent cuttings. You can package them in a box with some moss and you have a nice gift.

Recycled K Cup Succulent Pots - homework (10)If you don’t plan to give them away, recycle more plastic and use a frozen lunch container to hold your succulent pots. The tray will catch the water run off. Win-win!

Recycled K Cup Succulent Pots - homework (4)If you’re not into succulents, you can use these to start seeds. Tomato plants, flowers or herbs would all make nice gifts.

Recycled K Cup Succulent Pots - homework (3)Super fun. I think I’ll make a little K Cup Herb Garden next.
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  1. What a beautiful way to upcycle these little cups. They do look cute packaged together.

  2. Great idea. Thanks for the inspiration. My mind is spinning now with some ways to recycle my k cups!

  3. This is one of the cutest projects I've ever seen. At first glance, I didn't know that it was made of a coffee cup. The brown paper conceals it all! Love it, Carolyn!

  4. That is the most genius way I have seen to re-use those things, love it!

  5. This looks so cute! What a great way to reuse them. Thanks for sharing with us on Thursday Favorite Things.

  6. Adorable! I've been buying some eco friendly pods and love them... but we still occasionally use the plastic ones. I HATE that they haven't worked harder to make them eco friendly. Thanks for linking up at #SustainableSundays

  7. I have been letting the pods dry, remove the old coffee grounds (easier if they are dry) and feed them to my plants. Love the little succulent garden idea using the pods.
    BTW: Succulents love old coffee grounds, add some to your potting soil.

    1. Great tip!! Thanks so much for visiting and giving everyone that excellent idea.


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