Thursday, April 28, 2016

HOMEROOM: Master Bedroom Makeover (Part 2)

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (8)I’ve made more progress on our master bedroom makeover and I’m so thrilled with the results so far. I previously shared the first dresser makeover here where I showed how I used textured paintable paper to turn orange wood Ikea dressers into light and bright white dressers. The next step was to replace the valance with fresh curtains, paint the remaining two dressers, figure out a solution for the headboard and freshen the rest of the room.

Here’s the before and after. Bye bye orange wood.

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (5)I was so happy to get rid of the valance. It served its time but definitely looked dated. I bought these curtain panels at TJ Maxx then realized they were way too long and I didn’t want the pooled fabric on the floor look. 

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (12)I used some curtain clips and folded the top over and voila! The perfect length to just skim the floor.

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (2)Next up was to paint the remaining two bureaus. One day, I’ll replace these lovelies with some really nice bureaus but for now it’s all DIY makeovers.

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (6)You can read my previous post here on how to paint this type of furniture. These two bureaus took me one entire day but it was worth the aching muscles.

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (7)What a difference paint makes. Plus those gorgeous new knobs make all the difference in the world.

Dresser Makeover 3You can see the textured paper on the fronts of the drawers in this close up. I chose the Antique English Knobs with a Ribbed Finish from D. Lawless Hardware. Love them!!

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (3)Our bed frame and headboard match the bureaus and I am planning on getting a new bed and headboard soon so I wanted a temporary fix until I can replace the bed. I found a table runner and simply staple gunned it around the headboard. All the crochet trim is hidden and it looks much better but it’s definitely just a temporary solution. I didn’t even want to take the time to add foam or tufting. I’ll save that for the new bed.

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (13)I wanted the look of a bench at the foot of the bed but also need storage so this old wicker trunk is perfect. The problem was I painted it a horrible shade of green in my country cottage days.

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (10)Several cans of white spray paint, well two and half cans and it was finally white. I really wish I had just left it natural brown years ago but it’s too late now. I don’t think you can strip wicker.

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (1)It’s starting to come together. The next phase will include bamboo shades and a new coverlet for the bed. Oh. ignore that navy blue pillow in the photo above. That wasn’t supposed to be there.

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (9)And just keeping it real. As much as I would love to just have a few pretty vases and a framed picture on these bureaus, I don’t have anywhere else to put my jewelry boxes and the little tiny TV. But even with all the “stuff” back on top, the room looks so much better.

Bedroom Makeover Part 2 (11)

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  1. Wow!! A cabinet maker told me that white is the hardest to work with... You must have the patience of a saint.. My MIL taught me that headboard trick... I can't believe your luck finding those curtain panels..

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of work but until pretty new furniture is in the budget I'm thrilled with how much better they look.


    I just had to google...

    1. Oh my gosh! You can strip wicker. Maybe one day, I'll take it back to it's original natural wicker. Thanks!!

  3. Oh Carolyn, I love the change! Even though some of it is temporary, it really came together nicely! I just redid my bedroom also and am in the process of blogging about it. I have subscribed, so I won't miss what else you do to it.

    1. Thank you so much Nikki. Isn't it a great feeling of accomplishment to makeover a room? I'm so happy every time see it.

  4. Love it! You did a fantastic job.You made that look easy as pie. I know it had to be a challenge. Your vision for that chair turned out perfect.

  5. You did a wonderful job!! I have featured your post on Thursday Favorite Things. Thanks for linking up with us!


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