Monday, November 1, 2010

Be my guest: katycakes

I’m so pleased to tell you about katycakes. My friend Katy makes the most delicious baked goods. Trust me, I’ve sampled many, many of Katy’s bundt cakes and cupcakes.

Formerly with Bakesale, Katy is branching out on her own with delicious, fresh baked goodies. The only downside…katycakes is local in the Los Angeles area only. But if you live in the area or are visiting or have a friend in Los Angeles – check out katycakes.

Everything is made with the best ingredients and made with old-fashioned homemade care.  

Here’s what Katy has to say:

Katycakes is not for lovers of "store bought cupcakes" with whirling twirling frosting dyed all the colors of the rainbow or for fans of mouthfuls of sculpted fondant on top of cakes that have spent a few days in the fridge

It is a culmination of lots of years of baking...with my grandmas, my mom and dad, my three wonderful sisters & a couple of very special cousins, and from a lot of late "sugary" nights tweaking my recipes until the cakes were super moist and the frostings buttery rich and creamy dreamy.

Thanks Katy and best of luck with katycakes.
Let me know if you need me to taste test anything!

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