Friday, November 19, 2010

From the Archives: handmade gifts

If you want to make some handmade gifts for the upcoming holidays, now would be a good time to get started. Here are some of the projects that I’ve posted about that you may want to consider making.

1. Gift card storage box. A perfect way for someone to file and keep all their gift cards. Add a few gift cards to get them started.
2. Homemade tea bags. For an extra touch, add a tea cup or tea pot or both.
3. Paper flower wreath. Wrap up with scented soaps or potpourri for a pretty, feminine gift.
4. Handmade photo book. Leave blank or fill with photos. Perfect for grandparents or far away relatives. 

5.  Paper Bead Bracelets. Kick up the wow-factor and give several matching bracelets.
6.  A Zen Terrarium. Provide a little stress relief to someone special.
7.  Moss Covered Cans. Add bulbs, flower seed or herb seed packets because spring is just around the corner.
8.  Craft Block Shadow Box. Spotlight a special item in a handmade shadow box.

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  1. The moss cans are a fabulous idea! Your wreath is just so beautiful and elegant looking.


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