Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sew and Tell: crocheting 101

I started crocheting! Last week I shared a Show and Tell on crocheting and mentioned that I was planning on giving it a try.

Michelle over at The Royal Sisters left me a comment with a link to her free tutorials. Not only does she do beautiful work, she has very nice photos and step-by-step instructions.

Here’s one of her blankets.

And more of her beautiful work.

And here are mine…

It was a bumpy start but I watched a few videos and found a pattern that claimed to be easy. Most of the instructions are still like a foreign language to me but I managed to make a few practice squares.

I can see how crocheting can become addicting. What’s nice is you can make a square here and there when you have time. 


  1. i love crocheting! yours look so good!!

  2. It's Kai again - still having to post anonymously thanks to Blogger! But I wanted to tell you that your squares look AWESOME! When you are comfy reading the crochet terms (sc, hdc, dc, etc.) tell me and I will send you two books I've saved out for you! They are NOT granny squares but they ARE quick and easy (and VERY cute) projects! Big hugs to you, Carolyn!

  3. very good for a beginner! keep at it, you'll be speaking and reading the crochet lingo in no time :D (and yes, it is VERY addictive!)

  4. Very well done! I couldn't tell you are a beginner, your squares are perfect.
    i can crochet at, say, a medium level, but patterns are still a book with seven seals to me. SAY WHAT??? ;)


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