Thursday, December 11, 2014

ETCETERAS: Dollar Store Owl to White Glue & Crackle Paint Owl

DIY Crackle Paint Owl via homework (11)One of my favorite things to do is to makeover dollar store items. I’m always on the hunt for fun knick knacks that I come across while strolling around the dollar store.

DIY Crackle Paint Owl via homework (2)You may have seen these little shiny red owls this year at your dollar store. There were loads of them and now I’m wishing that I had picked up a few more.

DIY Crackle Paint Owl via homework (10)I wanted to use the white glue and paint crackle method to achieve a white owl with very fine gold crackles. As you can see, it didn’t quite work out but I still like the look of the owl. He just looks more like a ceramic glazed owl and he fits right in with my white & gold holiday décor.

DIY Crackle Paint Owl via homework (1)To achieve a crackle paint look, here are the steps. I’ve never had the best of luck with this technique but on the other hand, I’ve never considered it a craft fail.  1. Start with your clean object.  2. Paint your base color. I used gold spray paint. The base color will be the color of the cracks.  3. Once the base coat is dry, apply a layer of white glue or Mod Podge to the object. Let the glue dry until it is tacky. 4. Paint your top coat onto the tacky glue. You want to apply the paint very gently so you don’t disturb the glue. Resist the urge to paint back and forth. One quick coat – you can go back and touch up spots later.

DIY Crackle Paint Owl via homework (13)My crackles became very large resembling a drippy ceramic project. That’s fine, I’m renaming this project the faux ceramic owl.

DIY Crackle Paint Owl via homework (12)And here’s Mr. Owl nestled in with my white and gold holiday hutch. He fits right in and I can use him year round for other seasonal décor.

DIY Crackle Paint Owl via homework (11)Dollar Store red owl to “faux ceramic drippy owl”.

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  1. I totally thought that was a ceramic owl! Amazing!!

  2. We might overlook a great bargain because an item is not a preferred color and/or finish. However, your post showed how we can make it work. Fantastic!

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  3. Oh my goodness this is completely brilliant! I would love it if you shared this at my link party Welcome to the Woods Wednesday, over at The party will be up, and ready Tuesday evening. Hope to see you there.


  4. Great idea! I'm a sucker for Christmas decorations, I might stock up after the holidays! Over The Apple Tree


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