Friday, February 13, 2015

WEEKEND INSPIRATION: Hexagons, Pasta and More

Weekend Inspiration: Pasta, hexagons, origami and moreHappy Friday everyone. Here in the U.S. we have a three day weekend! Hooray! With the extra time, here are a few projects that I’m thinking about this weekend.

noda_0130_03Pretty Origami:  I’ve been on the go lately but I think taking some time to make some pretty paper origami would be so soothing. Maybe a cup of green tea to enhance the creativity.

IMG_2613edit2Spaghetti Carbonara: 5 ingredient | 15 minute spaghetti carbonara sounds wonderful for an end-of-weekend meal. I love a delicious family meal to close out the weekend and this sounds perfect.

resina2Nature Resin Bracelets: I don’t have the supplies to make these this weekend but I may do some research and find out where I can get the molds and resin. So cool.

hex_art_web_1hex_art_web_3Hexagon Art: Hexagons are all the rage and I didn’t realize you could buy a hexagon punch. I think I need one in the worst possible way!

Confetti-painted-Valentines-Day-MugsConfetti Painted Heart Mugs: Maybe it’s because it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow but I want to make some confetti heart mugs this weekend.

hydrangea-propagationHydrangea Propagation: Why didn’t anyone tell me you could propagate a hydrangea? I need more hydrangeas in my life. I’m thinking that I need to stroll around the neighborhood this weekend and “borrow” some cuttings from neighbors. I don’t think they’d mind, do you?

Happy Weekend ~ be inspired and enjoy!

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  1. I WISH we had a 3 day weekend! Happy Valentines Day to you. You've now given me some more ideas to cram into my already overflowing list of things I'd like to try with the time that I don't seem to have enough of lately! ;)
    Thanks Carolyn (No, really, they look like so much fun - I can't wait to try some).


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