Thursday, May 7, 2015

LITTLE CRAFT: Recycled Container Scare Cat

Kid Craft Scare Cat via homework (4)Here’s a fun little craft for little crafters just in time for your spring vegetable garden. Make a scare cat out of recycled plastic containers to keep the critters away from your vegetables. Or that’s the idea anyway.

Kid Craft Scare Cat via homework (1)Here’s the inspiration piece. I’ve had this wrought iron scare cat in my garden for years. The marble eyes reflect the sun and it’s supposed to keep the squirrels and other critters from eating my veggies. I’m not sure it works but it looks cute.

Kid Craft Scare Cat via homework (2)Over the years my little iron scare cat has become weathered and taken a beating but I think he looks even better (and maybe scarier)!

Kid Craft Scare Cat via homework (3)This is the perfect quick craft for your kids. I’ve been eating a lot of frozen diet lunches lately – you know, in preparation for shorts and tank top weather – and the little plastic containers have been stacking. All you need to do to make one of these is clean out your empty plastic container, cut out the face and ears and glue them together. Glue on some flat marbles for the eyes and some wire for the whiskers.

Kid Craft Scare Cat via homework (6)And here are my scare cats side by side protecting my tine little tomatoes.

Kid Craft Scare Cat via homework (5)Happy spring gardening friends!

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  1. That's great! This would be a good fall decoration to make with my kids.

  2. Wonderful recycled craft! It is simple to do and great to watch every day in your garden!


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