Friday, June 19, 2015

INKLING: Printable Plant Care Instructions

Printable Plant Care Instructions via homeworkBefore I left on my trip recently, I was really worried about my little vegetable container garden. I try to take really good care of these little guys and I was going to be leaving them at a crucial time. Tomatoes were really taking off and loads of strawberries were blooming. My son volunteered to take care of the garden for me but was confused about when to water each plant so I whipped up some plant care labels to make the job easier for him.

Printable Plant Care Instructions via homework (8)Depending on the plant, the size of the container and the weather, watering a container garden varies.

So I created instructions for daily watering, every other day, once a week and when dry. I also left one blank that can be filled in with special instructions.

Printable Plant Care Instructions via homework (4)Once I finished the labels, I printed them out on cardstock and used self-laminating tags to protect them. These self-sticking tags are great and can be used for so many things. All you do is place the card {business card, name badge etc.} on the inside, peel off the backing of the top sheet and press down. Instant laminating!

Printable Plant Care Instructions via homework (6)I secured my tags to some craft sticks and stuck them in the pots!

Printable Plant Care Instructions via homework (7)This Rosemary herb smells so good and appears hardy but you can’t over water it or it starts to drop it’s needles. I’m hoping by fall, this plant is nice and big so I can use the stems for some projects, recipes, and décor.

Printable Plant Care Instructions Full Sheet If you’d like to download these plant care printables, just click HERE.

Printable Plant Care Instructions via homework (5)Even if you’re not planning a trip, it’s handy to have your plants labeled.

Printable Plant Care Instructions via homework (1)Fingers crossed, I’m hoping for a bumper crop of tomatoes, strawberries and herbs this year.

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  1. bella e utile idea: grazie, le scarico subito!

  2. I just love this idea! So simple but so helpful. It might actually help me keep some greenery alive...ha! ;)

    1. Thank you so much Christine. It definitely saved my plants while I was away. :)


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