Friday, July 10, 2015

PRETTY PLEASE: Mod Podge Make Up Container

Green Tea Travel Toner by homeworkHappy Friday everyone. Yesterday I shared my homemade Green Tea Toner and today I want to show you how I made this cute travel container for the toner. I started with an empty loose powder container. I save them because they’re so perfect for holding small items and great for travel. Use them for your earrings and rings, medicine, or even a small amount of hair product.

Green Tea Travel Toner by homework (5)They also happen to be the perfect size to hold round cotton pads.

Travel Toner Container Mod Podge Lid by homework (4)To embellish the lid, start by tracing the lid on the paper you want to use. Once you’ve traced your circle, cut slits around the circle up to the pencil mark. I chose a textured recycled paper that reminded me of summer and a tropical beach and some cute Martha Stewart Fabric decoupage pieces.

Travel Toner Container Mod Podge Lid by homework (3)Cover your lid in Mod Podge and place your paper on top. Press down the slits along the side of the lid.

Travel Toner Container Mod Podge Lid by homework (1)Once your paper is dry, add the fabric pieces and cover in Mod Podge. While the lid is drying check to make sure all the pieces are flat. You can use a variety of tools to push the pieces down – a toothpick, a paper clip – anything handy. Once the lid is completely dry, enjoy your new container.

Blog GreenTea Travel TonerYou can check out the homemade Green Tea Toner here.

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