Thursday, August 27, 2015

ACCESSORIES: Gold Foil Twig Jewelry Tree

One of the many areas that I need to get organized is my jewelry box. It’s a mess with bracelets, rings and earrings mixed together. Sometimes it’s hard to find a matching pair of earrings and I give up and put on the my my standard small hoop earrings. In an effort to organize a few pairs, I made this little gold foil twig jewelry tree.

I’m planning on hanging my favorite pairs from this tree so I can easily grab them and avoid digging around in my jewelry box.

I found a few small twigs and used a tiny condiment bowl as a base.

To secure the twigs I used E6000 glue. Put a small dollop of glue in the middle of the dish and let the glue set until it’s about halfway dry. Insert the twigs into the glue and put a few crafts sticks or pencils on each side of the twig to keep it straight. Let dry checking it periodically to make sure it hasn’t tilted.

To add an interesting touch to the dish and twigs, brush on some gold foil over a coat of adhesive. I used Mod Podge. Let the glue or Mod Podge get tacky and then brush on the gold foil. Use a very soft paint brush since the gold foil is so delicate. Add a few bits to the twigs too.

This will look pretty on top of my dresser and I can keep rings in the dish. One small step toward organization.

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