Friday, August 7, 2015

WEEKEND INSPIRATION: Back-to-School Dorm Room Ideas

If you have a college-age kid heading back to school, you may want to use some of these great ideas I’ve rounded up. A lot of the inspiration photos of dorm rooms floating around are not realistic. Dorm rooms are tiny. I have dozens of friends who’s kids left for college last year when my son did. We compared note and photos, texting back and forth. My son lucked out and his school offered dorm rooms that had a little more breathing room than most. He had his own large closet and he and his roommate shared a bathroom with the two guys in the next room. Even still, squeezing everything into a small space is a challenge. If you have a boy, these ideas will still work – just change up the color scheme.

This idea is great because some kids iron, some don’t. Why buy an ironing board that’s going to take up precious closet space when a small table will do for touch ups. Plus, you can use the table when you’re not ironing.

To give your kid the best head start at their new desk, help them get organized. These fabric covered clip boards are perfect for clipping important items right in front of workspace.

Bulky hampers are another space hog. This embroidery hoop hanging hamper is perfect for stashing laundry and toting it back and forth to the laundry room.

Magnetic strip inside the cabinet or by the desk will keep everything within reach.

Everybody’s favorite Ikea cart makeover is perfect for a bedside dorm table. Three shelves hold important items, phone, books and knick knacks. The bonus, it’s on wheels.

Most dorms don’t allow you to nail into the walls. The ever popular post it note calendar is a great solution. For the busy kid, purchase the extra large post it notes for more writing room.

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