Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inkling: recipe card overhaul

Update: recipe cards are now available under the Goodie Bag Tab in PDF format. (Word files wouldn't upload properly - sorry). Feel free to download the PDFs.

My recipe file box is stuffed to capacity with handwritten cards and clippings. Most days I try to convince myself that there is something nostalgic and charming about torn and spattered recipe cards.

Recently, I came up with a plan to overhaul my recipe box and color code the categories.

Wouldn’t it be nice to open up that box and have neat, orderly, categorized recipe cards?

Plus, I created the recipe cards in Word. I can type directly onto the templates and print out each recipe.

This project is definitely on my to-do list.

Someday. Maybe.


  1. I tried downloading the PDF files, it redirects me to google and says the download is not available! Any suggestions? I just am in love with these!

  2. The links should be working properly now. The "share" settings somehow got changed but I've fixed them now. If you still have problems, email me directly and I'll send them to you - my email button is on the right sidebar near the top. Thanks so much - so glad you like them.

  3. I just love them!!! I think it's great that you created a recipe cards in Word. I would love to just type onto the template and then print. I tried to download one but it was not a fill in / only PDF. Can you send? This would be a great project for me this weekend.. It's raining in my area of California ~ Good Indoor Project : ) Have a good week!

  4. could you email me the pdf as well please thank you.

  5. could you email me the pdf as well please thank you.


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