Monday, August 2, 2010

Inkling: drink umbrellas

There’s something about a beverage that comes with a little umbrella that makes the drink taste even better and more refreshing.

I saw this diy craft on Martha Stewart’s craft of the day. She used origami paper but I wanted to use tissue paper like the original tiki drink umbrellas.

Here’s how I made my drink umbrellas:

I knew that tissue paper would be too flimsy, so I glued tissue paper onto plain printer paper with a glue stick.

Cut out a 2-1/2 inch circle and then cut a 1/8 pie wedge in the circle. Glue or tape the sides together forming a cone. Put a dab of craft glue inside the point of the cone and insert a wooden skewer.

Place the umbrellas into a block of styrofoam to dry. I didn’t have styrofoam so I used plastic containers filled with leftover beans.

Fill with your favorite beverage and enjoy. Cheers!


  1. just found your blog and you had me with graph paper and paperclips. so glad to know i'm not the only one who loves these types of things!

    love your little brumbrellas (as my boys call them!) so cute!

  2. Sooo Super Cute!! My son loves to have umbrellas in his water glass or milk he's only 5 so I think it makes him feel older LOL :) Great idea.

  3. Using a tissue for design is an excellent idea! It created little leaf effects that stick out. Cute umbrellas!

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