Friday, August 13, 2010

Sew and Tell: home ec and my tomato pincushion

I’ve had the same tomato pincushion since high school home ec - which by the way, is no longer taught at my high school. The home ec room was turned into a computer lab some time ago. I can count myself as one of the lucky few who left high school knowing how to make a wrap skirt and a tote bag.

Anyway, I was way overdue for a new pincushion. Here it is...or here they are.

I used 100% grey wool, sewed the edges in a blanket stitch and added a button.

I hope my home ec teacher approves.


  1. I think she would! Very love the fabric choice!

  2. I took hom-ec too, in Winnipeg. We referred to it as home EEEEECK. (Making a sound that was not pretty.) We learned to sew aprons and blouses. I got a D. I find that kind of funny because now I can pretty much sew anything that is not a pattern. My problem was always reading the patterns. No Pattern? No problem!! I'm a born imaginarian.

    Anyway, I love little pincushions. I collect them. You should check out the pincushion groups on Flicrk. So adorable!!

  3. Adorable, I'm inspired!


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